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Lettore CD Sony  XA 3 ES



Di cosa si tratta

Lettore CD




Molto sobrio e ben costruito


Circa 1000/00 euro


Caratteristiche: ( scusate le ho trovate in giapponese e le ho tradotte automaticamente)


* Main specification Type name CDP-XA3ES (N) gold, (B) black

 frequency characteristic 2Hz? 20kHz ±0.3dB

 total height harmonic wave distortion factor (EIAJ) 0.0018% or less (EIAJ)

signal-noise ratio (SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO) above 118dB

(EIAJ) dynamic range (EIAJ) above 100dB

(EIAJ) during channel separation investigating chart under output terminal reference size 430×125×345mm (width/height/depth)

weight approximately 6.6kg

electric power consumption 17W

remote control RM-D921 (gold, also black)

* Output terminal Terminal form installed capacity level load impedance

LINE OUT (FIXED) pin jack 2V - LINE OUT (VARIABLE) pin jack 2V (variable maximum) -

DIGITAL OUT light -18dBm

 luminous wave length 660nm HEAD PHONES stereo standard jack 28mW (variable maximum) 32 Ω *

 Coaxial digital out is not equipped *


Use device Type name CDP-XA3ES power transformer R core trance ×1 mechanic deck stay bull lock mechanism being attached tray system mechanism. It is not optical system fixed system. Servo signal processing digital filter full feedforward system digital filter DAC current pulse DAC Analog output step cow l LPF headphone output * The specification which it should feature Stay bull lock mechanism mechanic deck center mechanic mount system high precision digital servo full feedforward system digital filter current pulse DAC direct digital sink complimentary PLM static illumination FL tube R core trance FB chassis vibration-proof top plate eccentric insulator * Internal photograph * Explanation CDP-XA3ES has not loaded the optical system fixed system mechanic unlike 7,5 series which are sold in the same time. Because of that, also price has followed 60,000 Yen of front model CDP-333ESJ. At that time as for the optical system fixed system mechanic of the center mechanic mount there being only a substantial 1 type, it was loaded onto only the superior model such as 7,5 series. 6 ten thousand Yen the price range which is said is maintained, you do not abandon the employment of the optical system fixed system mechanic, it probably is not to obtain. After that, when the optical system fixed system mechanic price edition is developed low, it was loaded onto CDP-XA30ES which is succession. As for the mechanic with tray system, as for the point where it is the stay bull lock mechanism attachment it is the same as CDP-333ESJ, but finding live and the acoustic seal which are adopted with CDP-333ESJ were gone. Vis-a-vis the mechanic, DAC system is modified substantially. The full feedforward system digital filter, the pulse generator, it is the same constitution as current pulse DAC and the superior machine. Power transformer is the R core trance ×1. From usual trance it became the R core, but CDP-333ESJ was 2 trances which divided the digital servo section and the audio section. 6.6kg and substantial loss in quantity have done weight, from 12.0kg of CDP-333ESJ. Like this, when it tries doing, the most priority to do that the current pulse DAC system of the new generation is loaded, you can call CDP-XA3ES the model which makes there the first sale, probably will be. Lastly, the color of CDP-333ESJ was just black, but CDP-XA30ES became 2 types of black and gold. It returns


Mia descrizione veloce:


Macchina robusta e costruita molto bene , ancora con la meccanica in alluminio e la comodità della doppia uscita RCA sia fissa che Regolabile , sia da pannello che da telecomando.





Vediamo dietro:


come dicevo sopra , troviamo la doppia uscita  RCA sia variabile che fissa , l'uscita ottica .


Il telecomando:


veramente  completissimo , con anche la regolazione del volume


Il modello color ORO




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