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Lettrore SACD  Sony  SCD XB770


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Lettore  SACD

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Sony  Japan


Uscita 5 canali e 2 canali SACD


665   anno 2003







Lettore audio SCAD  con uscita sia a 5 canali che 2 canali , molto interessante per che vuole provare l'ascolto con questo nuovo formato senza  spendere un capitale.


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The Sony SCD-XB770S is the first multi-channel Super Audio CD player in the mid-range QS (Quality Standard) Series. The SCD-XB770 is capable of replaying both two-channel stereo Super Audio CD software and 3/3.1/4/4.1/5 and 5.1 multi-channel Super Audio CD software maintaining the full DSD (Direct Stream Digital) quality in all channels. Thanks to a newly developed dual laser pick-up device, with the ability to read both SACD and CD software, including CD-R and CD-RW discs, the SCD-XB770 enables users to replay their existing CD collections and new high-definition Super Audio CD discs on the same player.

The new SACD player utilises the same core Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio-processing technology as found in the reference SACD player (SCD-1). It is added with multi-channel audio outputs, a new Super Audio D/A Converter system (SA DAC), which includes CD signal D/A conversion, and a new multi channel DSD decoder. Additionally the SCD-XB770 adds a Multi Channel Management function allowing for a wider variety of speaker setups.

DSD is an audio processing technology that records music signals at a high sampling rate (2.8224 MHz) and converts them to 1-bit digital data. The result is an extremely accurate reproduction of the analogue waveform generated by the origin al source. DSD reproduces music that is virtually free of artefacts and distortion associated with conventional CD digital Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) recording technology.

QS construction and performance
Multi channel audio out
Twin transformer
CDR/RW playback
Bass Management function
Optical & Coaxial digital outputs
FL display (dot matrix)
Jog dial
2 mode repeat (track/disc)
24 step program play
Remote control
Headphone jack/volume



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Nel display possiamo vedere il titolo del brano -  la selezione uscita a 5 oppure 2 canali  e  il numero delle canzoni presenti nel CD



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