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Multilettore DVD SACD  Marantz DV6600



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549/00 euro   promozione 510/00 euro anno 2006 Punto vendita Audiocostruzioni   Sbisa' Giovanni e c snc Via Grosoli 6 41012  Carpi Mo tel. 0039-059-685054  mail       disponibile tutta la gamma Marantz chiedere




  • High quality playback of DVD-V, DVD-A, SACD, SVCD, CD,MP3, JPEG, DVD-R/RW

  • DivX playback

  • New 216MHz/11-bit video DAC for component out

  • PAL progressive scan

  • HDMI video output

  • High definition video scaling on HDMI

  • Audio Ex mode

  • 192kHz/24-bit DAC for all 6 channels

  • Build in DD and DTS decoders




The new Marantz DV6600 is a high-performance multi format DVD player that incorporates advanced digital technologies for extraordinary picture quality, and improves upon the DV6500 by the addition of an HDMI digital video and audio output and upscaling to 1080i resolution.

The DV6600 is optimised for true, high-end audiophile performance, for music and movies. Virtually any 12cm disc can be played back including DVD-A, DVD-V, DVD-R/RW, SACD, CD-R/RW discs. It also handles compressed audio discs containing MP3, DivX or WMA files.

This innovative DVD player will excite you for years to come


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1080i HDMI Output Plus DVD-A and SACD Playback

The bestselling Marantz DV6500 DVD player is a tough act to beat. But the brand new Marantz DV6600 outperforms its predecessor while also beating the pants off the competition. The DV6600 adds impressive features like HDMI output with upsampling to 1080i and Faroudja processing. And in addition to offering unequalled performance with video sources, it also excels with two-channel and multi-channel SACD and DVD-Audio high-resolution discs.

Best of all, the feature-packed Marantz DV6600 comes in at a lower price than the DV6500, despite all the extras!

Thanks to its great price and amazing feature set, the DV6500 won the 'Product of the Week Award' from "If you are looking for a versatile DVD player with good performance, check out the Marantz DV6600."


And We Mean Universal

The Marantz plays everything! Even though there seem to be more and more 'universal' disc players on the market every day, quality players are difficult to find. The DV6600 combines universality and quality in a uniquely Marantz fashion that adds up to exceptional performance. It plays DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, SACD, CD, CD-R/RW, and VCD discs along with MP3, WMA, and JPEG files on CD-R/RW. Thatís a lot of capability, but wait until you see and hear the performance!

Six Separate 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs and Faroudja Processing

Onboard Dolby Digital and DTS decoders work in combination with six 192 kHz / 24-bit digital-to-analog converters to make everything you play sound exceptionally lifelike. And you can even shut off the DV6600's video circuitry completely for the purest audio signal path possible. Internal bass management circuits route DVD-Audio and SACD audio channels directly to the proper speakers.

Advanced Faroudja DCDi signal processing gives you smooth, detailed 'no-jaggies' video quality. This can make a huge amount of difference when you're watching an action-adventure DVD with lots of fast activity on the screen. The Faroudja DCDi circuitry gives motion a life-like natural look, adding to the realism that is so important to drawing you deep into a movie.

Video technology includes progressive scan 3:2 pulldown film detection circuitry for smooth, a film-like picture on film-based DVDs with compatible TVs and monitors. Wide bandwidth 108 Mhz, 12-bit video DACs provide exceptional picture quality. Composite, S-Video, and component video outputs are provided for maximum flexibility.


HDMI Output Upsampling to 1080i

For unbeatable picture quality with the latest big screen LCD and plasma displays, the Marantz boasts HDMI output with upsampling to 1080i. This advanced features keeps all video information in the digital domain, transferring it from the DVD player to your TV or monitor with no loss in picture quality. In fact, the upsampling feature can dramatically improve picture quality. So this is a feature you absolutely need if you want the best possible video performance with no compromises.

Convenience features include an advanced on-screen display for easy set-up and operation, parental controls, front panel menu operation, and a new hand-contoured wireless remote control. Connectivity options include a variety of audio and video outputs as well as a D-BUS connector. Advanced RC-5 connections provide for integrated system control, and front-panel menu operation adds to the operational flexibility.


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480/00 euro anno 2006 Punto vendita Audiocostruzioni   Sbisa' Giovanni e c snc Via Grosoli 6 41012  Carpi Mo tel. 0039-059-685054  mail       disponibile tutta la gamma Marantz chiedere




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