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Sony CDP X3000ES - CDP X5000ES

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The 10mm frontplate is reminiscent of what was planned for the pre-Esprit and ESPRIT series - the rest is very different.
The slabs of aluminium making the sides and top are reminiscent of the Precise P7 units - but the rest is very different :-)

The CDP-X3000 is the smaller integrated CD player of the series : no AES/EBU output nor audiophile accessories made of inert materials available. A smaller PS section and R-Core transformer, too.
However, to make up for these downscaling, the X3000 sports a VC24 filter and its 4-position (non-audiophile :) LPF curves.

Unprevisibly, neither the mechanism nor the optical laser pickup are equivalent with the CDP-X5000...
Typical Sony silliness about how to raise your productions costs with absolutely no reason :)

Unlike what is commonly believed, the 3000 and 5000 separates are NOT part of the Sony ES series. However, Sony in Germany attempted to unload its stocks more easily, late in time, by adding an ES logo next to the model scripting, and on the cartons, and in the manuals. This was however unheard of elsewhere, including Japan.

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