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Oppo Digital's first Blu-ray player the BDP-83 entered the market in mid 2009 to numerous accolades. A mere half year later, Oppo Digital, not satisfied with the untapped performance potential of the player, released the BDP-83 Special Edition reviewed here. Despite the relatively short release interval between the standard and Special Editions, Oppo Digital was not the only company to recognize the untapped potential of the BDP-83. Modwright and Nuforce,among others, have introduced a variety of modified editions of Oppo's Blu-ray player, which should come as no surprise as Oppo's prior products were popular with electronic hot-rodders. I can recall walking the halls of audio shows and seeing several modified players that transformed the solidly performing Oppo products to true high performance contenders.

The Special Edition version of the BDP-83 at $899 commands a $400 premium over the standard version that is itself a solid performer. The Special Edition is designed for enthusiasts whose systems will utilize the analog audio outputs of the player. On the outside, the BDP-83 Special Edition is differentiated only by the modest silkscreen of the words "Special Edition" to the left of the front panel display. The real modifications are internal and center on the use of ESS Technology DACs in the special edition in place of the Cirrus Logic units in the standard version and an upgraded power supply. ESS Technology is a relative newcomer to the high performance audio market. Despite their new arrival to the market, companies such as Samsung, Krell and McIntosh, not to mention Oppo, have all been sufficiently impressed to utilize the ESS Technology DACs in their products. The BDP-83 Special Edition incorporates the ES9016 Sabre (32) Ultra DAC for the stereo output and an ES9006 DAC for the 7.1 channel output.

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The ES9016 Sabre(32) Ultra DAC claims to differ from conventional sigma-delta DACs, incorporating patented circuits specified to provide up to 128dB dynamic range and 0.0003 percent (-110dB) total harmonic distortion, and freedom from clock jitter. Some of the patented circuits in the Sabre(32) DAC include the 32-bit HyperStream modulator, said to be capable of 100 percent modulation and unconditional stability, the Revolver Dynamic Element Matching which ensures the highest performance over an exceptionally wide audio dynamic range, and a Time Domain Jitter Eliminator to remove the digital jitter that causes distortion. The ES9016 Sabre (32) Ultra DAC is flexible in that it can be configured for either stereo or 7.1 channel duty.

The BDP-83 Special Edition's stereo output is fed by the ES9016 Sabre(32) Ultra 8-channel DAC configured in Quad Differential Stereo mode. The ES9016 Sabre (32) Ultra DAC significantly improves the analog audio performance of the BDP-83 Special Edition Blu-ray player to a level allowing it to compete with audiophile-grade components. The stereo output is not the only benefactor of upgraded components; the 7.1-channel output features the ES9006 Sabre Premier 8-channel DAC, which also provides a notable improvement over the original BDP-83.