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Dac 72 Lite  Convertitore a valvole  24 bit



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Dac lite China




720 € anno 2007




Dalla forma classica , con un pannello in alluminio  anodizzato di alto spessore  e u coperchio in lamiera , veramente pesante.

Nella parte anteriore oltre a i soliti comandi di accensione e selezione entrata , che puo' essere sia  coassiale che ottica , troviamo un display con led a fosfori blu , che ci segnala sia l'entrata selezionata che la frequenza di campionamento , che puo' variare da 44.1 a 96 kHz.

Aprendo il coperchio superiore  troviamo una coppia di valvole 6922 Helectro harmony  , una coppia di trasformatori e una serie di Condensatori di buonissima qualità Elna.


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DAC 72 is the home station locates is HI END the DAC basic product, simultaneously for 同系列 DAC in with the family product DAC50 substitution type, many details already passes through the improvement, the sound quality completely surmounts the standard which DAC 50 achieved.

The chip uses the CD most flourishing time most to receive the high praise PCM1702, with THETA DSP BASIC is the same product, this chip has the stability, durable as well as the sound is exquisite, the analysis strength higher merit.

DAC 72 may accept 44.1 kHz ~ the 96kHz signal. May accept is equal to the DVD AUDIO quality, may completely and the present most high-grade CD turntable perhaps the frequency hoist coordination use.
On the line overhead construction, several parts select the 96kHz receiver which at present most is worth trusting, the model are CS8414 outside, matches sets at the high accuracy oscillator, causes JITTER to fall to is lowest, guarantees the music purity.

Il modello vecchio il Dac 50

Coordinates DF1704, finally sends in decoding chip PCM1702, the entire machine design all uses in the market condition the highest quality chip, the same specification similar product, the selling price at least is above the DAC 72 several folds.
The analogy part is this machine kind another one brilliant place, first is discards with inexpensive OP IC makes LPF (low pass filter), but uses the vacuum tube to do outputs the part, completely avoids IC the influence, also avoids using massively
負回授, causes the detail losses. The line overhead construction makes SRPP by 2 6DJ8 to continue the output ultra, the output amplitude big, S/N compared to extremely high, simultaneously has the low output impedance characteristic, more important, the entire analogy signal output completely is by succinct vacuum tube processing, completely does not have any faint trace crystal perhaps the IC ingredient, guaranteed the sound has most goes against and the equipment "is sweet, Run, slides, is suitable" four major characteristics.
Except above, each kind of sound makes up the grade part is the case everywhere. If ELNA precision ceramic FOR the AUDIO electrolysis electric capacity, the DALE military discipline resistance and so on has a fever the part, is slightest place all does not let off.
The power source supply is
大有文章, analogy and adds on the electromagnetic screen with a several independent employment high efficiency R transformer. Each chip all has an independence group of power sources supplies line. The analogy part uses the precise constant voltage control system, guarantees purely does not have 雜訊 the direct current supply.
Several inputs may provide group of coaxial inputs, group of optical fibers inputs. The analogy part provides group of RCA output terminal.
Engine case processing by the 10mm thick aluminum kneading board, performs the surface anodic treatment, the sense of reality is extremely high-level. The box body to the steel plate makes, the intensity extremely high also the quality is extremely heavy. The kneading board reveals
示數 the position signal input frequency as well as the input files position by the blue color monitor, the blue light demonstrated the curtain may make the shutting down movement.
Intends the step high progression position news source the fan movement to have to be quick, similar high step chip like PCM1704, PCM63, PCM1702 all were a model which already suspended production, at present all
has the few stocks to be possible to supply to manufacture the DAC supply is the surface demand. Before is similar to DAC 50, the chip uses up, immediately suspended production, intends the friends which bought into surely don't again to hesitate, in order to avoid regretted once more.[ Commercial specification ]

Size/material quality: Iron tank outer covering long 405mm x deep 290mm x high 100mm (contains foot place to be high), the aluminum kneading board (thickness 10mm x long 430mm x high 80mm).

Gross weight: 7.5kg

Vacuum tube model: 6DJ8*2 (or 6922, ECC88 equates and so on tube)

Guarantees the solid fixed number of years: A year (vacuum tube does not guarantee solidly). ( Please properly preserves guarantees solid card, avoids damaging or losing, guarantees you to guarantee solid right, vacuum tube does not attach guarantees solidly)


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Direi che il prodotto e veramente ben  riuscito , ottimo per tutti quelli che cercano un suono piuttosto rotondo e avvolgente  senza perdere troppo nel dettaglio.

Consigliatissimo per i proprietari di macchine stupende come i Teac Vrds o Philips o Sony serie ES , ma tanti altri , che dispongono di meccaniche favolose , ma dal suono piuttosto asciutto e spigoloso.


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