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Sony  X 707ES

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The ultimate version of the "X7" series, built exactly like its direct predecessor (CDP-X779ES, aka CDP-777EA in Japan), but adding even better componentry, more Pulse DACs and a digital filter capable of 20bit resolution. The mechanical base is also the same : based on the "G" compound with a complex mechanical silencing system. "G" base is somewhat reminiscent of the "Cerasin" base used in the CDP-555ESD landmark ; this ultimate one however rests on a sapphire bearing - a common practice in Sony's high-end mechanisms, be it for tape or CD. The little brother of the X707ES is the CDP-X505ES (aka CDP-555ESJ in Japan)..

As for the previous AL base found in the X7/77/777ES, Accuphase naturally used Sony's drive for its own components ; even if those are now FPMs, Accuphase still stands by Sony. However, by user's comments, the old AL base/motor assembly was more robust and long-lasting than the newer "G" system - can't have it all. But -give or take- we're still talking about a minimum of 10 years of use and an average of 15 years - by today's standard a phenomenon worthy of the Guiness Book of Records.
Building to such exacting standards and with such fine work on textures, finish and "feeling" is not possible anymore - built today, an X707ES would cost 5000, if not more...

As always, ES units appeared at least a year earlier in Japan (or later elsewhere ;-) so this explains the long production run of the X707ES, along the fact that, depending on the market considered, these sold like hotcakes : there is plenty of them in Germany and even more in Japan - the X707ES really is among the best and the non-billionaire audiophiles didn't make mistakes.

Introduced just before the ES true down-sizing turning point, the CDP-X779ES becomes the CDP-X707ES with only very minor cosmetic changes and the addition of a Score digital filter, capable of a 20bit resolution. Available in black (EU, US) and champagne (EU, JP). The original japanese unit is the CDP-777ES-J (indeed there's no "X"...). The X707 is the last and rarest of all. It also is the best.



Bellissimo lettore cd della serie ES della Sony , meccanica robustissima , peso davvero notevole ( oltre i 15 kg )  e regolazione del volume da telecomando , veramente molto comodo per amplificatori sprovvisti

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