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  • Use the CDM-12.10 cassette mechanism of PHILIPS,and CD-7Ⅱ servo system.

  • Use the PCM1732(24bit/96KHz) D/A chip of American BURR-BROWN company.

  • Use the OPA2134 operational amplifier for a special purpose of acoustics as the low pass filtering and output circuit.

  • The circuit has increased the field effect tube to compose of the sound output for checkout.

  • Use the CDM-12.10 cassette mechanism of PHILIPS,and use the CS4390 of American Crystal company for D/A processing chip.

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This unit is small and exquisite for appearance,display window is rotundity and the HDCD indicator light is indigo that exhibited the elegance and costly for the unit,this sound give expression to naturalness and sense of reality. It's Treble is pleasant and gentle,the Bass is sense of warmth,and the Mediant is softness and satiation. The control force and analysis force is very fineness for this sound,so this unit is a Hi-Fi equipment for overflow.


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