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Luxman DZ 03

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But, contrarily to what the appearances intend to make believe, the DZ-03 isn't a luxurious version of one of the famed Luxman tubed CD players - like what the D-107u should have been.

Nope - the DZ-03 is a champagne coloured version of the low-end D-103u, made to complement the champagne version of the C-03 and M-03 combo.

And to accompany such a champagne trio, one could also get the T-03 tuner : the champagne version of the T-117. And since the Luxman M-03 was a Luxman M-117 in the USA, some twisted product planning certainly took place here.

Something which probably cost Luxman a lot, but did continue until the end of the Alpine years in the mid 1990s.

In a nutshell : how to uselessly make twenty versions of the same unit and have your production and advertsing costs rise dangerously for no tangible reason.
Or results for that matter : while the C-03 and M-03 sold like hotcakes, the cheap but good looking DZ-03 is very rare.

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