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Cambridge Audio Azur 840 C

Lettore CD + Dac




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  Cambridge Audio


  24/348 KHz


  1407/00 € anno 2012  Audiocostruzioni di Sbisa' e punto vendita   tel. 059-685054





Un lettore + convertitore costruito davvero bene  e con quel rapporto qualità prestazioni classico di questa ditta.

Molto comodo e l'entrata digitale , o meglio ben due entrate  che lo rendono molto comodo anche come convertitore.


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La 840C segna l'apice della linea Azur acclamato Cambridge Audio in su. Come tutti i prodotti Azur, il 840C promette livelli mai visti di eccellenza di prestazioni e di ingegneria per la fascia di prezzo in questione. Ma invece di ridefinire le aspettative nel mercato entry-level, l'arena più spesso associato a Cambridge Audio, l'azienda darà nuovo slancio al settore mid-end prezzo. La 840C abbraccia una serie di tecnologie proprietarie tra cui ATF ™ (Adaptive Time Filtering) asincroni fino -tecnologia di campionamento che è stato sviluppato in collaborazione con Anagram Technologies della Svizzera. Questo sistema intelligente interpola i dati 16-bit/44.1kHz CD di dati 24-bit/384kHz, attraverso l'uso di un 32-bit Analog Devices Black Fin DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Questo a sua volta alimenta due DAC 24-bit/384kHz dalla stessa società in formazione differenziale duale. Ciascun DAC gestisce un solo canale per un'eccellente immagine stereo, che operano completamente in modo differenziale per la distorsione eccezionalmente bassi e il rumore. entrambi sbilanciati RCA e uscite XLR bilanciate sono dotati. Due ingressi digitali sono forniti anche che anche consentire l'up-sampling e la riproduzione di altre fonti, come un lettore DVD tramite il 840C Azur. Inoltre, un'uscita registrazione digitale può consentire anche bit per bit di dati o dati sovracampionati a 48, 96 o 192 kHz per essere registrati da un dispositivo adatto. Una Control Bus In / Out, un emettitore IR in connessione e una porta RS232 sono forniti per una facile connettività multi-room. Il protocollo RS232 permette una interfaccia bidirezionale con touchscreen di terze parti domotica. Come tutti i prodotti Azur, il fondamento di eccellenza del 840C è un telaio su misura. Questo comprende un pannello frontale di spessore incredibilmente 7mm e pannelli laterali estrusi, entrambi ricavati da alluminio, che si combina con un formato piastra di base in acciaio 2mm e piedi a vibrazione appositamente progettato assorbente. Il risultato è un ultra rigida, bassa risonanza, acusticamente smorzato piattaforma per l'elettronica di sedersi in Clicca qui per leggere Hi-Fi Choice revisione 'Best Buy' sconcertante 93% e della 840C

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"The 840C, which won our 2007 Product of the Year Award, is characterized by a smooth, suave, and sophisticated treble that fosters immediate musical involvement. Moreover, its midrange and treble are extremely clean and free from grain, glare, and hardness. Soundstage depth and dimensionality rival players costing $10k... A great CD player at an unbelievable price."

The 18 greatest bargains in high-end audio

The Absolute Sound (US) 2010 High-End Audio Buyers' Guide, November 2009

“...a hi-fi combination not to be trifled with.”

Click here for full review

T3 December 2009
(System reviewed: Cambridge Audio 840C, 840E, 840W and Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 8)

"If it's hi-end you're looking for and can't seem to get your hands on enough money, the Azur 840 combo is just what you should get. In fact, even if you do have the money to afford a diamond studded amp, these guys are worth a listen and a spot on your audio room's shelf."

AV Max (India) February 2009

(Reviewed with 840A V2 Class XD amplifier)

"Incredibly detailed, impeccably neutral and possessed of more than a hint of high-end assurance. A technical tour de forceby any standards."

Hi-Fi Choice January 2009

(Reviewed with 840A V2 Class XD amplifier)

 "The 840C shatters the price/performance equation in CD playback with sound quality that's competitive with $6k players, standing out for its ease, smoothness, resolution, dimensionality, and stunning spacial presentation."

The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Awards (USA) October 2008

"두말 할 필요가 없는 좋은 결과....특별히 흠잡을 부분이 없을 만큼 인상적인 소리를 냈다."

"Needless to say, it is a great result... It delivers an impressive sound which is above criticism."

Audio (Korea) September 2008

(Reviewed with Azur 840E pre and 840W power amplifiers)

"For a digital front end, there's no greater bargain than Cambridge Audio's Azur 840C. The bottom line is that the 840C's sound (and technology) is as good as most players costing $5k."

The Absolute Sound September 2008

"Un équilibre très réussi assure une restitution très juste du timbre mais aussi du volume de chaque instrument. La limpidité immaculée du registre supérieur garantit par ailleurs une lisibilité absolue."

"A very successful balance ensures a great sound for the volume of each instrument. The immaculate clarity of the higher register guarantees absolute transparency in addition."

Le Monde de la Musique (France) September 2008

 "... een zelfverzekerd, helder en vloeiend klinkende cd-speler."

"... an assured, clear and fluent sounding CD player."

Hi-Fi.NL (The Netherlands) July 2008

 "... flexible functions, excellent measured performance... a highly rhythmic performer with a natural, unexaggerated sound."

Hifimailma (Finland) June 2008

"... wipes the floor with the rest of the bunch. The way it extracts information from the disc and presents it without bias or congestion is up there with players costing two or three times its ticket price."

Hi-Fi News May 2008

(Winner of CD player group test)

Click here to read the full group test

"Ultra-smooth and civilised sound... highly featured (for the price) and technologically very sophisticated.

Hi-Fi Choice May 2008

"Depurado lector dotado de upsampling capaz de hacer que las notas, texturas y matices particulars de las piezas suenen como los originales."

"Pure CD player equipped with upsampling ablility to produce notes, textures and particluar shades exactly like the original recordings."

OnOff (Spain) 186

"Every now and again, a component comes along that seems to have been made by people unaware of what might reasonably be expected of such a thing, so they happily exceed every reasonable expectation. The 840C is just such a something. If you're at the point in your hi-fi development where you need a player to help you understand what a performer means by their music, and those sort of players are never cheap, I'd advise starting your search here. If you can't afford more, just get one."

Audio Enz (New Zealand) February 2008

"Very close to perfection in all aspects of measured performance, the 840C showed very low distortion, exceptional channel separation, flat frequency response, and exemplary channel balance... the package as a whole merits Recommendation."

Hi-Fi Critic January/February 2008

"It has the smoothness, resolution, grace, and refinement generally heard only in ultra-expensive digital front ends. The 840C's treble is unlike that of similarly priced players, with a sophistication and delicacy that defy its price point... Bargains don't come much bigger than the 840C."

The Absolute Sound (USA) January 2008

(Included in 'Budget Components of the Year')

 "Looks wise these products have an expensive feel to them, which will make every owner happy just looking at them... the sound is so good it will give the competition a real headache. The digital inputs on the 840C which makes a simple and very effective upgrade for other digital sources is the icing on the cake . Taking everything into account we can conclude that we have a hit in front of us."

Hi-Fi Media (Croatia) #69

(Reviewed with the Azur 840A Class XD amplifier)

"Een bijzonder aanbevolen set: alle drie zijn van bijzondere klasse, zowel in het gebruik als in kwaliteit. Ook de bouw ziet er puik uit. Wanneer u het geld er voor (over) heeft zult u niet gemakkelijk iets vinden met dezelfde faciliteiten, geluidskwaliteit en afwerking."

"A set highly recommend: all three are of exceptional class, in terms of quality and use. The build quality is superb. If you have the money you won’t find anything with the same facilities, sound quality or finish."

Hi-Fi Video Test (Netherlands) December 2007

(Reviewed with Azur 840A integrated amplifier and 340T tuner)

"Consiguen ofrecer una más que atractiva solución estereofónica, capaz de convencer incluso al exigent audiófilo. Una obligada audición."

"The system manages to offer a more than attractive stereo sound, able to convince even the most demanding audiophile. Demands an audition."

CEC (Spain) November 2007

(Reviewed with Azur 840A Class XD amplifier)

 "El 840C es un lectore de CD que, al igual que todos los miembros más destacados de la serie Azur de Cambridge Audio , reúne sofisticaciones tecnológicas normalmente reservadas a aparatos bastante más costosos."

"The 840C is like most of the products in the Azur range in that it uses sophisticated technology normally reserved for more costly equipment."

Alta Fidelidad (Spain) November 2007

 "Cambridge Audio's top CD player remains the disc spinner to beat at this price, just like last year... the Azur 840C's sound is both musical and detailed, with first-rate imaging and clear vocal articulation. This one's a keeper."

Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2007

Winner of Gold award

 "Silky and beguilingly musical sound, especially at the price. A real audiophile bargain."

Hi-Fi News November 2007

 "The Azur 840C shatters the price/performance equation in CD playback with sound quality that's competitive with $6k players, standing out for its ease, smoothness, resolution, dimensionality, and stunning spatial presentation."

The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Awards 2007 October 2007

 "The sound is uncannily natural, madly detailed and generally orgasmic in every way."

T3 October 2007

(Reviewed with 840A Class XD amplifier)

Click here to read the full review

"Mit Hilfe des Cambridge Audio 840A und des 840C gelingt das Eintauchen in audiophile Klangwelten."

"With the help of Cambridge Audio's 840A and 840C, one can get a real sense of audiophile sound quality."

AV Magazin (Germany) October 2007

(Reviewed with the 840A Class XD amplifier)

Click here to read the full review

 "Not only is the 840C easily the greatest value in digital sources in my experience, it must be considered one of the greatest bargains in all of high-end audio... I could easily live with the 840C at the front end of my $100k reference system - it's that good."

The Absolute Sound (USA) September 2007

Click here to read this stunning review
"Fortes candidatos a produto do ano."

"Strong canditates for products of the year."

Audio & Video (Brazil) July 2007

(Reviewed with Azur 840A amplifier and both awarded gold awards.)

 "... ces éléments constituent un véritable saut quantique..."

"... these products constitute a veritable quantum leap..."

Prestige Audio Video (France) July/August 2007

(Reviewed with Azur 840A amplifier)

 "Together, the CD player and amplifier make a highly attractive combination, fully capable of bringing out the best in the top-quality speakers with which they should be used. They're a real tribute to the importance Cambridge Audio puts on audio design and engineering."

The Gramophone July 2007

(Reviewed with Azur 840A Class CD integrated amplifier)

 "Ce lecteur est ainsi fidèle à la proposition d’esthétique sonore de Cambridge allant dans le sens d’une écoute toujours agréable qui donne envie d’apprécier tous les genres musicaux avec l’émotion de leurs interprétations."

"This CD player lives up to Cambridge’s tradition of providing great sound with all types of music and is able to convey the emotions and interpretations they present."

Stereo & Image (France) June 2007

 "Another success story from the masters of affordable hi-fi."

Tone (New Zealand) May 2007

Click here to read the review

 "A ton of features for the money and a well rounded, precise and solid sound to boot... In action the 840C is a revealing, even sizzling player."

AV Review April 2007

 "Est-ce que le lecteur parfait? Dans sa catégoire de prix, il sera sûrement le lecteur à battre... "

"Is it the perfect CD player? In its price range, it’s surely the CD player to beat... "

Québec Audio & Vidéo (Canada) February/March 07

 "Voices are very well differentiated from each other and free from any trace of sibilance. In short, the Cambridge is very good indeed."

Hi-Fi Choice March 2007
Winner of CD Player 'Ultimate Group Test'

Click here to read the review

 "Sumptuous, musical sound, fine build and a welter of facilities, make this a superb mid-price machine... thoroughly recommended."

Hi-Fi World February 2007

Click here to read the full review

 "It's a great music player... and that's all one needs to know. Dig out some favorite discs, spin them up and don't resist the urge to grin. This is technology transcending the merely technological, and we're delighted to have encountered it."

Smarthouse (Australia) January 2007

 "... a highly competent and honest player, its complete sonic package is extremely well judged... competence, build, versatility and bargain price make it the Swiss Army Knife of CD replay..."

Hi-Fi Wigwam January 2007

Honoree in Audio Component category of CES Innovations 2007 Awards

Click here for more information on the CES Innovations Awards 2007

 "... a genuinely innovative CD player of extraordinary ability given its price point. Its sound is beautifully subtle and refined - truly, an 'open window' on the music being played."

Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2006 (Winner of 'Best CD Player £500 - £1000')

Click here to see the 840C's Gold award

 "One of the most involving and rewarding music replay machines we've come across at such a sensible price and an excellent partner to the fine 840A amplifier. There simply isn't a CD player at the price that offers anywhere near as much!"

Hi-Fi Choice November 2006

Click here to read the full review

 "The midrange, especially, shines - voices are wholly natural and unforced, and communicate in spades."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision November 2006