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Philips Laserhead and Transport
BurrBrown PCM1732 HDCD D/A Chipset
6N3 / 5670 Tube
96KHz/24Bit Digital Output
HDCD Filter Optimized For 44.1KHz To
Tube and solid state Output
Two quality Transformer s for Digital and
High Quality Op Amplifier - BB OPA260
Output Power: <=2.2V
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz(±0.
S/N Ratio: >=110dB
THD: <=0.005%
Dynamic Range: 110dB
Channel Separation: 96dB
Power Input: AC 120v
Power Consumption: <=70W
Dimension (LxHxD): 43.0 x 11.0 x 37.0 cm
Net Weight: 8.0kg





Bada ci continua a stupire con prodotti costruiti bene  senza risparmio , con spessori esagerati , componenti ottimi e prezzi davvero molto molto competitivi !!


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From Bada, a vacuum tube HDCD vacuum  tube CD Player with the sound of CD players  costing 3 times as much. The Player uses  Burr Brown 's latest PCM1732 HDCD D/A chip set. The Bada H22 provides two sets of  outputs: solid state and vacuum tube.

The player uses the great sounding 6N3 tube  that can also be found in the Shanling T-100  of which its design is based. The 6N3 tube  is a dual triode and in one working tube can  be found two working tubes: one for each  channel. The tube is used as cathode  follower from the BURR BROWN OPA2134  OPAMPS and since the circuit uses both  sides of the 6N3, only one tube is necessary.  ( this is the same configuration that all the  Lite DACs follow).

The result is superior tube based HDCD  sound from a reasonably priced CD player.
You can also compare this circuit  configuration to the AH! TJOEB that uses  6922 tubes in a cathode configuration and  projects the "grain" so common from low end  6922 tubes. BADA gives you one great tube,  the 6N3 with its clear holographic image  without the grain.


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Prodotto dal rapporto qualità prezzo eccellente  , suono valvolare ma nel vero senso della parola , non troppo ruffiano e artefatto , ma semplicemente valvolare !!!


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