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British Ariston CD1 CD player. Considered one of the best players in the world in the early 90s. It has CDM4/19, TDA1541A(s1), and specially desinged power supply. Op-amps have been upgraded to OPA627BP (4 of them). I have a heavily modified Art Dio (upgraded diodes and power caps, Linear op-amp, upgraded power supply, Dale resistors, disabled ADC section, directly-soldered cables , and more). Using CD1 both as a player and a transport at same time, I find the sound coming out of CD1 to be of much high quality, especially regarding imaging and depth. Subjectively, I would say that CD1 is a very musical player.

My player is in excellent working condition and reads my CDRs without any problems. CDM4/19 has recently been checked by a technician and is in good condition. I would give my player a cosmetic rating of 90%. No remote is included.

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