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Pre audio video SONY E9000ES



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Preamplificatore Audio Video

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Si tratta di un preamplificatore decodificatore Home Theatre della famosa serie ES Sony , di color oro con rifiniture di altissima qualità e tantissime decodifiche , inutile che vi elenco tutto , allego qui sotto alcune informazioni prese del web  e sotto trovate vari links con descrizioni più che completi.


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The Sony TA-E9000Es is a high performance AV Control Amplifier. This page has been made to discuss the features and the technical details of this product. The information is sourced from the users manual, a nice brochure made by Sony and other sources.

The TA-E9000ES features 2 of Sony's newly developed 32-bit DSP LSIs designed especially for Digital Cinema Processing, allowing you to experience the full impact of 3 of Hollywood's leading dubbing theatres with as few as 2 speakers. A separate 32-bit DSP enables exceptionally accurate decoding of three of the most advanced multi-channel formats available - Dolby Digital, dts and MPEG Multichannel.

As of this writing the TA-E9000ES has been more or less discontinued by Sony. A replacement named TA-E10ES have been rumored to be in the works, but the launch of the new control amplifier has been indefinitely delayed. Don't expect any news on the TA-E10ES until 2003, if ever... Also, the model name may very well be changed if Sony ever decides to release a new surround pre amplifier. At the moment it looks like Sony is concentrating on making integrated home theater amplifiers instead. Personally I have now switched my surround processing duties to the Denon AVR-5803 (aka AVC-A1SR in Europe) THX Ultra2 A/V surround amplifier.


Spesifications and features

  • Dolby Digital decoding

  • Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoding

  • dts Digital Surround decoding

  • MPEG Multichannel decoding

  • Sony Digital Cinema Sound processing

  • Analog Devices SHARC 32-bit DSP processor

  • 96/24 Crystal DIR (Digital Input Receiver)

  • Advanced Puse Conversion DACs with digital volume control

  • 1 MB Flash Memory for easy firmware upgrades



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The Sony TA-E9000Es supports 5 audio source products and 6 video source products. The control amplifier supports both composite and s-video switching on all video product inputs.

  • Audio products: Phono, Tuner, CD, MD/DAT, Tape

  • Video products: Tv, DVD, LD, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

  • Digital audio inputs: CD (optical/coax), MD/DAT (optical), TV (optical), DVD (optical/coax), LD (optical coax)

  • Digital audio outputs: MD/DAT (optical)

  • AC-3/RF input for Dolby Digital from LD

  • Analyzer/Mic input (not supported yet)

  • RS-232C connector for firmware upgrades

  • Video Processor in/out loop

  • Pre out: Front (left/right), Rear (left/right), center (2x) and subwoofer (2x)


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veramente impressionante , programmabile , con il suo pannello touch screen e la sua penna per le regolazioni più complesse , può comandare tutto.


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