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The Quad 66 Pre Amplifier was part of the Quad 6 series launched in 1989 and it superceded the Quad 34 and 44 Pre Amplifiers. Like the rest of the 6 series, the Quad 66 Pre Amplifier was very minimalist with all the controls being on the remote control. The Quad 66 Pre Amplifier is also probably one of the very few pre amplifiers whose remote control is nearly as big as the pre amp. The Quad 66 Pre Amplifier remote control resembled something from the deck of the Starship Enterprise, consisting of 22 buttons and two rotating knobs, it was a grotesque looking instrument but very functional at the same time.

The Quad 66 Pre Amplifier had seven inputs for Disc, CD, Radio, Tape, AV, Aux and Aux2, two of which were tape loops (one of them labelled AUX2). Like previous Quad pre amplifiers, the DISC section on the Quad 66 Pre Amplifier was modular meaning different moving magnet and moving coil pre amps could be fitted to suit the cartridge being used. Quad offered owners of the the Quad 66 Pre Amplifier a choice of five modules, 3 moving coil and 2 moving magnet. The Quad 66 Pre Amplifier was the first Quad pre amplifier to use a microprocessor to control the pre-amp section and control.

The Quad 66 Pre Amplifier was in production from 1989 to 1996 and 12,000 units were sold before being replaced by the 7 series. The other members of the Quad 6 series were the Quad 606 Power Amplifier, Quad 306 Power Amplifier, Quad 66FM Tuner and the Quad 66 CD player (replaced by the Quad 67 CD Player in 1993).

Quad 66 Pre Amplifier Specifications
Inputs: Seven (4 line, 1 phono, 2 tape loops)
Input Sensitivity: Line 300 mV (CD,Tape,Aux) , 100 mV (Radio)
Moving Magnet Disc Options: 3 mV and 1mV (Impedence: 47 kohm)
Moving Coil Disc Options: 400uv, 200 uv and 100 uV (Impedence: 100 kohm)
Mains Voltage: 110-120v, 220-240v AC (Changeable via PCB links)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 321 x 240 x 80 (mm)
Weight: 3.5 kg


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Current dumping is a Quad invention, and describes the first successful application of feed-forward error correction to audiopower amplifiers. A current dumping amplifier consists of a high power heavy duty amplifier, and a low power very high quality amplifier. The low power amplifier is arranged so that it constantly monitors input and output. It detects any difference and feeds forward the necessary correction to the output of the main amplifier. Quality is solely dependent upon the performance of the low powered high quality amplifier together with four passive components. When correctly designed all distortion in the output stage is reduced to zero. With this technique it is possible to produce an amplifier of very high performance without using carefully matched relatively fragile output devices. There are no crossover biasing problems, no alignment or adjustment is required to obtain optimum performance and nothing can go out of alignment during life. In the event of component failure, replacement can be effected and performance restored without realignment. "Current Dumping" was originally presented as a paper to the AES 50th Convention. Since then a number of technical articles and papers have appeared which confirm the inherent advantages of current dumping over conven-tional class B techniques. Reliability of the Quad 405-2 is assured by an elegant Quad designed protection circuit which overcomes the problems associated with conventional 'load line' protection circuits. The load sensitive time dependent circuit effectively places no limitation on the amplifier when playing music programme through loudspeakers but provides full protection for the amplifier should anything go wrong. The Quad 405-2 also incorporates speaker protection circuitry which prevents damage to the loud-speaker in the unlikely event of component failure in the amplifier. The Quad 405 has won both a Design Council Award 1976 and The Queen's Award for Technological Achievement 1978.



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Dal suono  dinamico e  potente , non si riesce a capire come Quad riesca a tirare fuori tanta energia dai suoi ampli cosi compatti.  Sicuramente una accoppiata  che puņ pilotare di tutto , dal suono dinamico , ma trattenuto.


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