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 Sony TE A1000 ES

Preamplificatore Processore AV Equalizzatore Parametrico



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Preamplifificatore Audio Video

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Equalizzatore  integrato


1.600.000 lire anno 1995




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true landmark and one of Sony's biggest bestsellers.
Excellents DACs, a highly versatile EQ, a large and useful dot-matrix display, inputs aplenty and even a MIX function! We're used to all this nowadays - but this was 1989! And all this through TWO chips only!
Of course, every analog signal gets converted to digital so as to benefit from the numerous "sound fields" - digitalia still was fairly new, exciting, and Home Theater wasn't yet trying to replace traditional 2-CH audio...

Many regretted the few features Sony deemed unnecessary to carry over to the TA-E2000ESD successor (most notably the simplified parametric EQ section), but if the the A/D and D/A sections of the final TA-E9000ES were obviously more refined, the 1000ESD and 2000ESD both sold in bigger quantities - the right balance between quality, features, retail price and... timing.

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