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Meridian 562V.3 Multimedia Controller

Meridian is widely recognised as providing the benchmark for surround sound quality and over the last 25 years have collected a host of awards for high performance systems that offer unparalleled flexibility and ease of installation. While much of the acclaim tends to emphasise their highly innovative surround processors and CD/DVD players, at the centre of many Meridian systems there is a tradition for products which offer the perfect blend of connectivity and control

One such product is the Meridian 562V, a fascinating multimedia controller that provides installers with a unique combination of features and very high performance. From the earliest model, 562V has combined audio and video signal switching, digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversion, controllable triggers, RS232 automation and more. The 562V.2 incorporated PC setup, more S-Video inputs and S-Video to Composite format conversion.

The powerful 562V.3 has evolved to incorporate features that extend its performance and application possibilities.


From the simplest two-channel hifi systems to a complete Meridian Digital Theatre, 562V.3 provides features which extend input, output and control of any installation.

On its own, the 562V.3 performs superbly as a stereo controller for a pair of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers. The combination of seven analogue and seven digital inputs makes it ideal for connecting sources of all types. The optional high-quality moving magnet or moving coil phono stages allow the connection of any turntable and the comprehensive tape loop with ADC and DAC functions ensures almost any source can be recorded both on analogue and digital media.

As an AV switcher 562V.3 provides even more flexibility than its predecessors. With the addition of two-source Component video switching the 500 Series multimedia controller can absolutely manage the most comprehensive video switching and routing. A further ten inputs are available through a combination of Composite and S-Video connection – all of which can be routed to one main and two tape/zone outputs.

An important application of 562V.3 is in a simple stereo system using a pair of Meridian’s unique DSP Loudspeakers. Here 562V.3 brings together all your audio sources and converts analogue to digital. The result is a system of extreme elegance and sophistication – not to mention outstanding musical performance.

562V.3 & 568.2

A common application for the 562V.3 Multimedia Controller is in partnership with the 568.2 Surround Processor. 562V.3 routes both analogue and digital audio sources to the 568.2 and switches video signals in harmony with audio.

Together these products provide a powerful solution to the most demanding of home theatre needs for both music and film.

Tape Loop

The 562V.3’s comprehensive tape loop enables the recording of analogue and digital audio sources plus video sources on any of its three tape outputs (2 Analogue, 1 Digital).

Internal analogue–digital and digital–analogue converters mean that inputs can be simply transferred to any recording output.

The tape loop also allows 562V.3 to act as either a ‘central’ or ‘zone hub’ in a Meridian Two-Room Plus system. The ability to route digital audio from the main system to other rooms in the house with direct connection to DSP loudspeakers in the remote zone offers a dramatic advantage to installers and a simple and reliable system for the customer


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