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Processore Audio Video Meridian 568



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Preamplificatore Audio Video

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7200 euro anno 2005





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Digital Inputs: 4 x cable, 75, IEC958 and data compatible, up to 24 bits. 1 x optical, Toslink (EIAJ), IEC958 and data compatible, up to 24 bits.

Analogue Inputs: 2 x unbalanced, 20k input impedance. 1 x stereo 24bit Delta-Sigma ADC.

Processing: 2 x Freescale 56002 running at 66MHz. 2 x Freescale 56367 running at 150MHz. 1 x Freescale 56007 running at 82MHz. Internal precision maintained using 24 and 48-bit arithmetic.

Optional Input: 1 x MHR Smart Link connection.

Analogue Outs: 4 x stereo 24-bit Delta-Sigma DAC. 8 x unbalanced outputs for center, sub, rears, mains and sides or subs. 3 x balanced outputs for left, right and center. Outputs variable between 0 and 3.5Vrms, output impedance 47R. Distortion <0.01%. Noise and hum <-95dB CCIR.

Digital Outs: 4 x stereo SPDIF or MHR on cable, 75R, up to 24-bit precision.

Video Circuit: 1 x Composite video loop with On-Screen

Display: phono75, 1.5V p-p, PAL/NTSC. 1 x S-Video loop with On-Screen Display: Y/C on mini-din, 1.5V p-p, PAL/NTSC.

Tape Outs: 1 x digital bypass.

Control: 2 x Meridian Comms. 9-pin D connector for RS232 PC setup and control.

Front panel: Controls for: Source, Copy, Preset, Display, Volume and Off. Other features accessed using a Meridian System Remote (supplied). 12-character dot-matrix display. Lights for AC-3, DTS, MPEG and THX.

Formats: Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG Surround, THX, THX Surround EX and Meridian EZ.

DSP Modes: Direct, Music, Trifield, Ambisonics, Super Stereo, Music Logic, ProLogic, THX, Mono, Discrete, TV Logic, Digital, Digital THX, DTS, DTS THX, DTS Music, MPEG, MPEG THX, MPEG Music, ProLogic II Music, ProLogic II Movie, ProLogic II THX, Cinema.

Dimensions: H 321mm (12.7), W 88mm (3.5), D 332mm (13.1). Weight: 5kg (10lb).



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