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Harman Kardon Citation 17 - 11

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  Harman Kardon


  950.000 lire anno 1980 circa





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Harman Kardon Citation 17




Harman Kardon Citation 11



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Harman Kardon Citation 17


Harman Kardon Citation 11


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The proeminent feature, the EQ, uses broad slopes for its two extreme points (50Hz and 8Khz) to tailor the sound rather than correct it ; active circuitry is used.
The volume pot is a 32-step / fixed-resistors attenuator while the headphones is fed by the connected power amp's loop through, allowing direct speaker selection from the Seventeen as well. Reaction to square waves is exemplary and the phono stage is difficult to overload.

Even if discreetely, at least more so than Pioneer or Marantz, Harman Kardon was tops and chose to show its Art not with more buttons, functions or displays but by remainig true to its name : Citation.

Produced as well was a rare EQ-less and blackface Citation 17S and an even more rare black version Citation 17 with added rack handles made to fit an optional wood / rack frame called RPM.