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Era il giradischi top di gamma della Pioneer , tangenziale , 12 kg di peso su sospensioni  e piedi regolabili.

Molto comodo da usare , con i comandi che permettono il corretto posizionamento della puntina con discesa automatica e possibilitÓ di ripetizione del disco.

Il prodotto e veramente molto interessante.


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On this page I'd like to introduce to you a rare beast.    The Pioneer PL-L1000 Linear Tracking turntable.    In its day, this Pioneer turntable was their absolute top of the line - Some even consider it the best they ever offered.    It is identical to the Phase Linear 8000 model.    If you want a great classic linear tracking turntable, this is it!

I came to be the owner of this particular turntable upon a visit to the local ham radio club here in Hull.   It was originally destined for the skip!  However, because I had showed a slight curiosity towards the item I was duly awarded the job of restoring it.  Somehow, I don't think they knew the value of this item?

My particular deck was in reasonable condition but it was immediately obvious that it had led a hard life and it was duly starting to show some signs of neglect.    Indeed, it was in severe need of a good clean and both, the power and the signal cables were in need of replacement.   Being a bit of a dab hand with a soldering iron I set about the task of replacing cables.    This having been done it began to look something like.   

Once tidied up it was found that the cartridge and stylus were totally shot and had to be replaced.    I have found that many Pioneer PL-L1000s were originally shipped from the factory with the Pioneer PC-600 MM Cartridge.    The Ortofon OM5e cartridge that it was fitted with when I got it was duly replaced with the superlative budget cartridge Audio-Technica AT110e.    But having replaced it I found that the sound was very heavy on the bass and had little or no treble to speak of.    Kick up the arse due to me, it suddenly dawned on me that my cartridge on the Rega is a Moving-Coil and the phono stage is set to match.  A quick change to the Moving-Magnet setting on the phono-stage to match the installed cartridge and all is well!   Now there's a lesson for numb-skulls!

For information purposes, the Pioneer PL-L1000 turntable was also sold in the United States under the Phase Linear name.  The Phase Linear version had a silver base and was known as a Phase Linear model 8000.  The later PL-L1000A had a carbon fibre arm and was sold in the U.S.A. under the Phase Linear model 8000A.

In actual fact there are some four distinctly differing versions of this turntable.    The original Pioneer PL-L1000 which is black, and the nearly-identical Phase Linear 8000 Series 2 which is silver. The next generation was the black Pioneer PL-L1000A and the nearly-identical silver Phase Linear 8000A. There are several differences between the original and next-generation 'A' models. The original 1000/8000 models had a 'jog dial' which you spun around either left or right to cue the tonearm above the record.    The later 1000A/8000A models have a rocker-type switch that you press to the left or right to cue the tonearm.    The motor and platter assemblies are a bit different between the 2 models also. The original versions had a heavier-looking motor assembly and larger main circuit board, which look smaller and a bit cheaper in the 1000A/8000A models, although they are supposed to perform to the same specs.   

Pioneer did not offer the PL-L1000 for sale in the US so most of the PL-L1000's that have shown up in the U.S.A. were brought back by servicemen stationed overseas.


The entire chassis of the PL-L100 is aluminium and weighs a ton.    This top chassis sits on the lower chassis by 4 spring/rubber suspension that also act as the feet.    The tonearm does not sit on any chassis, instead it is it's own entity and sits, motor and all, on guide rails with it's own suspension system.     Very effective at not picking up external vibrations.    Most every tonearm follows the record groove on relying on friction to "guide" it to the inside of the record (with the proper amount of anti-skate to counter balance this friction). The PL-L1000 uses several motors, not friction, to guide the tonearm at any time once powered up.    This makes for a very accurate tonearm tracking system that does not need any anti-skating applied.    The entire tonearm assembly floats on a magnetic rail system to slide across the record, and it uses another motor to raise and lower the tonearm assembly when cueing.     There are many motors, but the cool thing is that in the manual mode, you can use the front mounted dial (actually another motor) to move the tonearm across the record in very fine increments - a nice touch.    There is one drawback though, if the entire turntable is not level, the whole tonearm will "skate" by itself across the record, kinda acting like a anti-anti-skating feature that you don't want.    You MUST level this unit, and the amount of adjustments that one needs to make on this unit is outright scary.    The design is one of pure simplicity and almost linear tracking perfection.    Once set up it works beautifully.


You may be interested in visiting the Phase Linear web site at:   Where you will find some information there about the PL-L1000 turntable.   The webmaster of this site, Dean was the only Phase Linear technician to visit Japan and receive first hand training on the repair of these turntables.


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