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Tannoy Mini Autograph



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Tannoy UK


Altoparlante concentrico


2500  € anno 2010





Recommended amplifier power

20 - 100 Watts

Continuous power handling

50 Watts RMS

Frequency response

68Hz - 54kHz -6dB


88dB (2.83 Volts @ 1 metre)

Nominal impedance

8 Ohms


Dual Concentric high frequency

19mm (0.75”) titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide™

Dual Concentric low frequency

100mm (4.00”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 33mm (1.33”) edge wound voice coil


90 degrees conical





Passive low loss 2nd order compensated LF, 1st order compensated HF


Enclosure type

Rear ported


3.5L (213.5 cu.ins”)


345 x 210 x 130mm
(13.50 x 8.25 x 5.00”)


4.0kg (8.8 lbs)


Teak veneer with solid teak trim detail




Stupendi diffusori dalle misure davvero " mini "  ma con grandi potenzialità , costruite con la solita classe Tannoy serie Prestige .   Bellissime e semplicissime da posizionare , sia per la dimensione che per i pochi problemi che danno di rimbombo ecc.


Dal sito ufficiale:


The Autograph mini is a hugely scaled-down but authentic version of a loudspeaker that was famous throughout the audio world fifty years ago. Reduced to a fraction of the size of the immense and revered original Tannoy Autograph this exquisite replica is the ultimate modern retro audio product. Its diminutive size and accurately detailed finish produce a modern day classic that will embellish the most contemporary surroundings.

Remaining true to the cabinet build and finish quality of that yesteryear model, the Autograph Mini naturally incorporates a 4.00” Dual Concentric™ driver - the unique engineering statement that makes this speaker a ‘real’ Tannoy. Combining wide bandwidth technology to ensure breathtakingly natural midrange and a heavy cast alloy frame and multi fibre paper pulp cone for well defined bass performance, this miniature Dual performs with subtlety, stunning detail and expansive imaging.

A key component of the Autograph Mini is the titanium diaphragm high frequency unit positioned on the same axis as the bass section. Fitted with a neodymium magnet system to deliver a smooth response up to an incredible 54kHz, this key component in the Autograph Mini enhances the loudspeaker’s strikingly true to life performance.

Ensuring complete signal path integrity, 99.99% high purity silver cable is used to connect the tweeter to the system’s minimalist crossover network - a thoroughbred audiophile component in itself that includes low loss inductors and specially damped audio grade capacitors.

High density birch ply with hardwood veneers and solid hardwood mouldings are utilised in the unique and chic design of the hand finished cabinet. As with its erstwhile and larger predecessor, authentic oatmeal coloured grille cloth is used to conceal the driver and is also inlayed within the angled sides towards the front of the miniature hexagonal cabinet.

A high performance loudspeaker designed for the discerning fashion conscious.






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