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Acoustic intelligence - that's the best way to describe what KEF engineers have applied to create a new range worthy of the award-winning Q Series it replaces. Hence the name: iQ.

From the second you spot the soft sheen of titanium on the main driver cones, you know you're in for something special. And you won't be disappointed.

Because we've taken a long, hard look at the inherent advantages of KEF's trademark Uni-Q technology - consistently detailed imaging and unrivalled off-axis response - and improved it in dozens of ways. With new cone materials and surrounds. Redesigned magnet structures. New, state-of-the-art voice coils. Higher specification components. More rigid chassis and cabinets. The result of all these innovations is plain to hear. Power handling and sensitivity are better than ever. iQ plays loud and true, with even clearer vocals than its illustrious predecessor. Even gutsier and more tightly controlled bass. And of course the impeccable extended bandwidth response you need to get the most out of the latest digital audio and home theatre formats. As every model in the range is voiced for a perfect tonal match, the 3-D soundscape is so seamlessly integrated that everyone in the room gets the full benefit, wherever they sit.


If you want to create a rich, expansive soundscape in a smaller room without compromising sonic accuracy, the iQ1 delivers the full benefit of KEF's latest design thinking. With the sophisticated new 130mm (5 1/4") Uni-Q coincident driver array in a compact reflex-ported cabinet, you experience stunningly clear vocals, fluid midrange and an unusually spacious 3D sound image no matter where you sit. Being magnetically shielded like the rest of the range, they're as easy to place as they are to drive. Everything from titanium surface of the Uni-Q cones to the shrouded bi-wire terminals says 'quality' - and for music or movies, that's exactly how iQ1 sounds. Dedicated wall bracket designed specifically for use with iQ1, that curvature fits the speaker enclosure. The bracket can rotate to virtually any position.


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