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The Polk Audio RTi A9 Series Speakers sound as great as they look! The perfect solution for a premium home theater or music system, these speakers will make you think you’re in the movie or front row at the concert. Polk Audio RTi A9 speakers feature HUGE dynamic range- suitable for today’s high resolution and high impact sources such as Blu-Ray, HDTV, SACD and HD Radio.

Why settle for vinyl speakers when you can have the warmth and beauty of real wood at the same price, with speakers from the new RTi A Series. They incorporate our latest Dynamic Balance Cone drivers and 1-inch tweeters, with an asymmetric cabinet design that’s as beautiful for the way it controls resonance and increases cabinet rigidty as for the way it lends an elegant touch to any decor. The result is classic Polk performance in a design that speaks to today’s high-end home dcor. True performance art.

New tapered enclosure design serves to break up internal enclosure standing wave resonance 1-inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter for smoother response, better detail than previous RTi Series All-MDF construction and asymmetric cabinet design Dual, bi-ampable gold-plated 5-way binding posts Power Port technology providesdeeper, more powerful, lower distortion bass than conventional designs

Innovative Design

The RTi A9 features the latest generation of Dynamic Balance polymer composite drivers for smooth wide-range response with low distortion. The RTi A9 uses multiple long-throw 7-inch woofers to combine the wide dynamic range benefits of a single larger woofer with the tight, punchy, accurate bass response of small woofers. Combined with PowerPort Plus, these multiple woofers deliver deep, high-impact bass with speed and accuracy.

All-MDF Construction and Asymmetric Cabinet Design

Cabinet resonance can ruin the sound of an otherwise well-designed speaker. You don’t want to hear your speaker cabinets humming along with the music, you want to hear the uncolored sound launched by the drivers and tweeters. We take special pains to make sure that Polk speaker cabinets are resonance-free. Our new RTi A Series loudspeakers employ an asymmetric design composed of a six-layer laminate, the process for which was specifically developed for Polk, and which controls resonance and increases cabinet rigidity.


PowerPort Plus is an enhancement in Power Port technology. Power Port Plus uses two ports (one front, one rear) and internal plates to further reduce air turbulence and increase bass efficiency. PPP allows even lower frequency tuning and lower turbulence for less noise and distortion, and more big musical bass, even at lifelike volume levels. This technology delivers performance that vastly exceeds conventionally ported speakers with bass that you truly feel, as well as hear. Learn more about PowerPort Plus





















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