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Monitor Audio Radius 45 HD

Micro diffusori due vie


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  Monitor Audio


  270/00 euro anno 2011 di Sbisa' e punto vendita   tel. 059.685054







Microdiffusori adatti  per impianti audio video di fascia alta  oppure da usare per piccoli impianti stereo , tweeter posteriore e desing accattivante.


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The smallest speaker Monitor Audio has ever made is also one of the most remarkable. Inspired by decades of design excellence, the Radius 45 represents Monitor Audio innovation at its most concentrated.

With the R45 your assured the quality and craftsmanship of our reference loudspeakers with the versatility that comes with the Radius range. The diminutive Radius 45 is a surround speaker with a size-defying performance. Its secret is a rear-firing gold C-CAM® tweeter, which spreads and magnifies the sound around the room to create a huge, encompassing surround sound effect. Designed to dovetail with the Radius 360 subwoofer and available in the Radius range of real-wood veneer, lacquer and grille colour options, the R45 will blend perfectly with your décor in an ultra-discreet multi-channel audio or video system.
Installing the R45 is easy with the pivoting die-cast metal wall bracket supplied or via an elegant stand-mount option.

  • 3” MMP® II. Monitor Audio's second generation Metal Matrix Polymer cone material now uses a high-pressure injection moulding process to achieve different thicknesses at desired points of the cone geometry for greater stiffness and consistency resulting in superior bass and clearer mid-range frequencies.

  • 3/4" gold C-CAM® tweeter, rear-firing to enhance sound dispersion characteristics.

  • Magnetically shielded drivers for safe use near sensitive microprocessor equipment or video displays.

  • Rigid MDF construction throughout.

  • Smooth radius edges – reduces diffraction effects and gives better imaging properties.

  • Perforated grilles supplied in black and silver (white in place of black for white cabinets).

  • Single though-bolt driver fixing. Provides mechanical de-coupling properties resulting in enhanced mid-band clarity and resolution. Through-bolts also act as rigid cross bracing to give a very solid non-resonant cabinet.

  • Internal PTC auto-reset protection circuit to prevent over-driving.

  • Specially designed die-cast metal wall bracket system (supplied), providing 20 degree vertical and horizontal pivoting for easy positioning


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