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Korsun V8



Di cosa si tratta

Iper amplificatore integrato



intergrato con telecomando 250 watt



Questa è  la pubblicita'  che si trova su Cattylink





250Wx2 (8Ω), 500Wx2 (4Ω), 1000Wx2 (2Ω)


12 x NOVER 10000uF CAP





Le caratteristiche del costruttore

Input impedance

47K Omega /1000PF

Voltage gain


Frequency response

5Hz ~ 20KHz ±0.5dB

Signal to noise ratio

>= 100dB (A counts power)

Maximum output voltage

>= 12Vrms (THD <= 0. 1%)

Nonlinear distortion

<= 0.03% (10Hz ~ 20KHz, 1. 5V)

Input impedance

100K Omega /700PF

Voltage gain

29.8dB±0.3dB (1KHz)


2×250W (8 Ohm)

2×500W (4 Ohm)

Frequency response

5Hz ~ 20KHz ±1dB

Nonlinear distortion

<= 0.2% (20 ~ 20KHz, 250W, 8 Omega)


>= 200

Signal to noise ratio

>= 116dB (A counts power)

Work power source

AC220V (±10%) 50/60Hz 1500W (MAX)

Outlook size

434mm (W) ×220mm (H) ×530mm (D)



Solo due parole su questo prodotto:


Si tratta  di un ampli mastodontico , esteticamente molto neutro avendo tutto di colore chiaro  , ma quando lo si sposta occorrono due uomini per non rompersi la schiena !!!

Un pannellone in alluminio anodizzato anteriore di spessore  notevole , deve essere 15 mm circa , un bel pomellone per il volume sempre in alluminio anodizzato , leggermente piu' grande del modello V6.

Anche in questo caso e molto comodo il ritorno a zero del volume  quando si accende l'apparecchio che  evita  gli spaventi e la rottura accidentale dei diffusori.



Come e fatto esternamente:


Tutto il telaio e completamente in alluminio anodizzato



dietro troviamo 6 entrate rca solo linea  i bellissimi connettori di potenza , la vaschetta VDE , e gli attacchi  RCA per il pre out e ampli in.



Il telecomando:



Come e fatto dentro:




Cosa dire  "spettacolare" costruito in maniera perfetta , telaio interno in lamiera piegata di alto spessore  tutta ramata , completamente dual mono , doppi trasformatori toriodali , componenti di primissima scelta


Come suona:


Si tratta di un amplificatore con una propria personalità e una propria sonorità .....  ha un suono caldo ma dettagliato  , una dinamica favolosa e  una ottima ricostruzione della scena sonora ...   Pero' ha un suo timbro  che può piacere tantissimo oppure lasciare abbastanza indifferenti !!!!

Nel mio caso ,  la timbrica di questo iper integrato , mi piace tantissimo , anzi devo dire che mi ha fatto cambiare idea sui transistor ...   Io ascoltavo e giudicavo sempre con una punta di scetticismo tutti gli amplificatori a transistor e amavo alla follia le valvole per la loro dolcezza  , ma va detto amavo , perche' dopo aver  ascoltato questa bestia  non ne sono piu' molto sicuro.

Per chi mi chiede  ma suona meglio del korsun v6 ???  va fatta una precisazione,  questo e il modello nuovo , la versione I mentre  i korsun V6 che ho ascoltato fino ad ora sono le versioni normali  ,ed ad oggi vi e' in produzione la versione nuova anche del più piccolo ... che quando avrò sotto mano  faro una piccola recensione , comunque  si   questo  suona meglio ... il basso e piu' profondo e controllato , e diciamo  piu' rotondo  come  globalità di ascolto.


Altre recensioni trovate in rete sul nuovo modello il  Dusson :


5 stars Review for GERman readers (with a little bit english in it), 2004-05-29
Reviewer: Georg Warnecke, from Aschersleben, S-T, GER
Moin, moin ! Ich habe meine Gedanken unter zusammengefasst! (You can read my whole review here: - unfortunately it's mostly german, with a little english in it.) Das Stichwort "Korsun" in der Suchmaschine von fördert einiges zutage, ebenso das Stichwort "Korsun" bzw. "Korsun v8i" bei google. (You can also google or look into that german Hifi-Forum.) Es scheint, daß der Korsun v8i ein geniales Gerät ist, hab' jedenfalls noch nichts davon gehört, dass jemand nicht begeistert waere. (It seems that this amp is one of the most exciting ever!) Es lohnt sich! (Thumbs up!) Oder, wie es an der Börse so heißt: KAUFEN! (BUY!) GrEeTinX'n'BleZZinX

5 stars A great amp for the money, 2004-08-24
Reviewer: Clinton Devereaux, from Havre de Grace, Maryland, U S A
I finally got up the balls to buy one, and so far I am very impressed. When the unit arrived, I was alreayd prepared for the weight, since I had been reading up on it for quite a while. Its very much a behemoth of an amp! I am 6' 2" and weigh 275lbs and this thing made me grunt when I picked it up! For those that may be worrined about this much of an amp being shipped overseas, rest your fears...Korsun double boxes the unit and floats it in styrofoam molding giving it a good 4" clearance from all sides of the box. In short: Its very well protected for shipment. Well when I opended the box, the first thing I took out was the remote. Its a very simple but sturdy remote unit, in silver with a black rubberized base for no slipping, and gives it a very rugged feel. I like it. Like I said, its VERY simple: It has buttons to choose between the 4 input devices (S1,S2,S3,S4) and a volume control. Lazy boned folks will still have to power up the unit via the power button on the front of the amp. Its a very minimalis

Follow-up on the Korsun V8i, 2004-09-04
Reviewer: Clinton Devereaux, from Havre de Grace, Maryland, U S A
Since purchasing the V8i I have upgraded the stock AC power cord to a Signal Cable Magic Power AC cable. The difference is uncanny. The V8i really is sensitive to the quality of AC cable used, and I suggest to anyone that has one and is still using the stock AC cable to upgrade it. The bass became tighter, the high end became more lucid, and the mids were fast and engaging. My unit is still in its break-in period, but it is getting better as it settles. Again: upgrade the power cord! Signal cable makes the BEST... most affordable cables around. Don't be fooled: you really don't have to pay a lot for that muffler! Again, once I am convinced the unit has been broken in, then I will give my final reveiw of the unit, but my initial feelings have not changed since my purchase: The Korsun V8i is an incredible value and a superb sounding amplifier!

Follow-up review on the Korsun V8i - Some issues..., 2004-11-10
Reviewer: Clinton Devereaux, from Havre de Grace, Maryland, U S A
I have received a lot of email from folks asking about how I like the Korsun V8i. Well, I have since sold the Korsun, and here is why: As I continued to use the V8i I began to notice a faint "hum" in the right channel. This was audible when my ear was placd up to the speaker and during silent passages in music. There was also audible mechanical hum coming from the transformers inside the unit, I could notice this from about 4 ft out from the amp. If were any futher away I could not hear it. Anyway, I figured it was DC on the AC line, Ground loop, etc... but after trouble shooting all these things I concluded that the transformers were bleeding hum into the output stage of the amp. This type of hum cannot be remedied without replacing the transformer(s), and can be quite expensive. Keep in mind that some mechanical hum can be expected from an amp, but when it comes through the speakers themselves (this is not mechanical) it is cause for concern. I replaced the Korsun with an Aragon 8008BB/Monarchy Model 10a

5 stars High end audio for a bargain price, 2005-01-12
Reviewer: Gary Pearce, from Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
This beauty arrived on New Years eve in a monster carton clad in bubble wrap! On opening, the first impression is of outstanding quality and bulk. At 36kg, it weighs more than the rest of my electronics and hifi rack combined! Anyway, I connected my 2 box CD player, turntable and DVD audio player to the amp and switched it on for the first time. This amp has incredible speed and clarity, and although a bit bright - the power on tap here controlled my Castle Harlech speakers with a vice-like grip. I now have had the amplifier for around 2 weeks (I've not really turned it off since it arrived!) and the brightness has gone, leaving a most revealing and liquid sound quality. There is so much power on tap that I haven't ventured beyond 4 on the volume dial. There's just no need! Whether with cd, vinyl or hi res this beast really delivers. And at a price normally reserved for budget products, there are no reasons why this shouldn't be on most peoples shopping list if looking for a premium integrated.

Bad soundstage, no bass control, harsh sounding., 2005-03-11
Reviewer: Alex Bartels, from Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands
3 months ago I bought a V8i. Before I had a Rotel RHB-10 power amp with a self-made mosfet class-A pre-amp. In comparison the V8i is sounding harsh, no deep sound field and doesn't control the bass very well. After removing the AC-filter circuitry in the amp, it sounded a lot better, but still no adequate all-over control and soundstage. Placing a buffer (tube or transistor buffer or complete pre-amp) between pre-out and main-in helps a lot, but still sounds not as good as this kind of equipment should!!! This means that the power-stage is putting too much load on the pre-amp. Using a separate preamp is much better, but yes, again, still no good soundstage, highres and control. This amp sounds good for its price range, but there are many other Chinese amps which sound x-times better for half the money. It is really un-thinkable that an amp with such an enormous power reserve and such a delicate construction sounds like this one does. In my opinion it?s a design-flaw, or maybe an assemble flaw????? When lookin

Update Korsun V8i, 2005-04-29
Reviewer: Alex Bartels, from Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands
I've got an answer from Korsun about the "missing link". They say that the transistor is used as a temperature sensing device, and that in the new layout only one is connected because of the better sound. I think this is a very strange solution and I don't believe it. In the meantime my V8i still sounds not as wanted. I think I rest in my case,,,,,,,, Hope you people have more luck! Sincerely, Alex

Correction on Nec B772P, 2005-03-11
Reviewer: Alex Bartels, from Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands
After I looked closer at the original inside pictures from the V8i I noticed that there are two connected Nec B772P drivers per channel, this means that my amp is NOT assembled as it should be! I wrote a mail to Korsun and asked them to send me the 2 Nec B772P drivers, including the connection wires. I hope they respond a.s.a.p. and provide me with the drivers and cables. This problem could cause the bad sound stage, harsh sounding and lack of bass control. I hope the problem will soon be fixed. If so, I will write a new review. Alex

5 stars Extremely Good, 2005-05-06
Reviewer: Bruce Stram, from Houston, TX, United States
I have a 110 volt version of the amp thru NY Sound. I'm not expert enough to know what was done to make it a 110 volt amp, but was assured that "its even better than the 220 volt," by the person at NYSound. Well its pretty darn good. I hate to give anything 5 stars cause I haven't heard everything, but this is the best I've heard at length. I'm driving a pair of Carver Platinums. I've belatedly discovered that the open baffle woofers are designed for a Q setting of 1.4 (the speaker has a Q control). I presume that this therefore rather loose woofer (actually 4 12in woofers per side for those unfamiliar with the Carvers) gains from an amp that has the capability of really controlling the woofer. The Korsun does this very very well. High end the Carvers use a 60in ribbon. As might be expected the Korsun started out sounding a bit hard. But either the amp or my ears have been burned in, so that it sounds fine, with excellent detail and sound stage. Of course recordings vary, but I've had great

5 stars korsun v8i, 2005-07-31
Reviewer: morten kristiansen, from drammen, NORWAY, NORWAY
this is the best amp for price ever... morten norway





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