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Ampli Integrato

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65 watt




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Amplificatore Integrato Stereo

Uscita efficace continua

65W + 65W (8Ω, sia il comportamento ch, 1kHz)

Distorsione armonica totale

0,009% o inferiore (8Ω, potenza nominale -3dB, 20Hz ~ 20kHz)

Distorsione intermodulazione

0,009% o inferiore (8Ω, potenza nominale -3dB, 60Hz: 7kHz = 4: 1)

Caratteristica di frequenza

MM Phono: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz ± 0,3 dB
Tuner, AUX, Monitor1,2: 10 Hz ~ 100 kHz -3 dB

Sensibilitą di ingresso / impedenza

Phono MM: 1.5 mV / 50K
Phono MC-1: 1.5 mV / 100 ohm
Phono MC-2: 0.28MV / 100 ohm
Tuner, AUX, Monitor1,2: 180 mV / 40K

Rapporto SN (IHF-A)

Phono MM: 80dB o pił
Tuner, AUX, Monitor1,2: 100dB o pił

Controllo Tone

Punto curva a bassa frequenza: 200Hz, 400Hz (sconfitta possibile)
punto di curva ad alta frequenza: 2kHz, 4kHz (sconfitta possibile)


Subsonic: 15Hz, spento, 30Hz
taglio alto: 9 kHz, spento, 15kHz

Low spinta

70Hz, off, 150Hz

Dispositivi ausiliari

Telefono interruttore dritto
speaker selettore
jack per cuffie

Tensione di alimentazione

AC100V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Presa di corrente

Potenza interruttore di interblocco: 100W
interruttore di alimentazione non sincronizzato: 100W

Consumo di energia

150W (Apparecchiature Elettriche e materiale Legge sul controllo)

Dimensioni esterne

Larghezza 466 × altezza 145 × 333 millimetri di profonditą


10,5 kg



The stereo Integrated Amplifier which carries a Duo beta circuitry.

The Duo beta circuitry which NFB and DC servo combined in proper quantity is carried.
The low distortion is realized by raising the nakedness property of an amplifier circuitry and applying a proper quantity of NFB. Moreover, the low-pass play which dumping heard by DC servo is realized. Furthermore, while oppressing an occurrence of DC drift, super-low-pass noises, such as a 1/f noise and a flicker noise, were banished, and low-pass distorted banishment at the time of a speaker drive etc. is realized.

With a high stability discrete stream-composition equalizer and power amplifier, a cartridge to the speaker has adopted the stream composition which banished the capacitor completely from the signal path.
The newly developed FET input operational amplifier was carried especially in the equalizer as which high gain is required, the servo effect in DC area was raised to it, and the drift is banished.

The direct interconnection with an equalizer is possible not only for man-month cartridge but MC cartridge.
In the amplifier circuitry of the equalizer, cascode interconnection FET differential amplifier was adopted as the input, the Class-A single ended push pull was adopted as the output, respectively, and the nakedness property which was excellent 1 or more figures as compared with the conventional amplifier circuitry has been acquired.
(In the case of MC-2 position, almost all MC cartridge can connect Input sensitivity at 0.28mV, but the high-impedance type using is recommended.)

The phone straight functionality to make a DISC play system become independent completely is carried.
At the time of phone straight-on, separate an input selector, a sound-recording output, a balance volume, etc., only a DISC play system is made to become independent completely, and the influence of a product line or a load intensity is suppressed.

The tone control is incorporated in the NFB loop of a power amplifier part for simple-izing of a signal path.
This has acquired the gentle transition property that aggravation of an SN ratio does not occur, either, for the stream composition only by passive elements, such as not only simple-izing of a signal path but a resistor, and a capacitor.
An output stage and the driver stage have high ft (high region barrier property) in the power amplifier part used as the base, and have adopted the low fast-switching transistor of Cob (collector output capacitance) as it.

Each special feature (reappearance power, such as an elongation of the sound in the stability in DC area, and the outstanding low-pass damping force and an audio frequency band and a feeling of an atmosphere) of a general voltage stabilizer and the power circuit which does not give a feedback was adopted in the power-source part, and also the circuitry which banished the fault is adopted as it.
The basic stream composition used powerful and the low-impedance power source by the large-sized transformer and a mass capacitor as the base, added the feedback taking advantage of the characteristic of this power source, having applied it to DC area from low-pass, and has strengthened a stability and damping force with the audio frequency band.