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Orchestra, the latest arrival in the Jadis family, is an integrated amplifier with all the qualities that one expects from a Jadis product - its particularly recognisable transformers, the conventional wiring, the qualities of timber, transparency and dynamics : Jadis musicality in all its majesty.
Orchestra comes in a stainleass steel chassis with its tubes standing in ceramic gold-pin sockets. It has four EL 34 tubes mounted in push-pull, and driven by two ECC 83. A new touch to the Jadis tradition is the addition of wooden panel to the two sides of the chassis. Orchestra is the result of a highly-focused study undertaken by Jadis to meet the challenge of manufacturing a product with all essential high-end qualities and to bring it within the the reach of a wider general public. Sensitivity 380 mV  Dimensions 530(W) x 260(D) x 220(H) mm  Weight 21 Kg  Bias Manual - adjustment when the tubes is changed  Power 40 W Rms per channel  Bandwidth @ -3dB 20Hz - 70 kHz  Connection 5 inputs, line output, speakers out  Tubes List - 4 x EL34 / 6550 / KT90 / KT88, - 2 x 12Ax7/ECC83  Consumption 300 W


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First of all, sorry for any syntax or grammar error. My region is not from United Kingdom.


This amplifier is a very special one. First of all, you have to know that it has a passive pre-amp build in and you have to forget and to reject any fears regarding the tone controls it has in the front pannel. The whole pre-amp section does not affect at all the sound, its passive and ,even if its not the simplest passive pre-amp, its dead-silent and neutral as all passive amps.

The most impressive thing I noticed with this amplifier at first is the lack of noise, unbelievable-ala-solid-state lack of noise and hum. Zero. Secondly, listening to the amp for the first-ever hour, I noticed so much air, openness, life and texture presence that left me with the mouth open. The dynamism, polite but very punchy attack and presence is rare and not heared before in any KT88 design of the price range. Except all that I heared the Jadis O.Ref. grain-free & very very smooth treble that for the first time positioned upper/higher violin notes in place with the rest of the notes, as a whole never experienced before. It brings for the first time the violin in your room as never heared before. Add to all this good stuff liquidity and the heart of music: The flow. Unbelievable good flow . Note follows note like never before. Also imaging is top class. The stringed instruments sounded full and woody but with air breathing from inside, more life like and far more weighty than other very good KT-tube designs I heared without sacrifice of air, image focus or ambience. Instead images float easily above and inside speakers - but the whole picture was not characterized as laid-back . Better I would say 5-10 raw front-mid-hall aspect (of course it depents also on cables etc. in chain). Soundstage is very good and after burn in the soundstage grow more and more in terms of depth and height. Height of sound is another talent of Jadis. Sound flows above speakers. Also, to the whole sound contributes my speaker cable: I prefer to use as my absolute reference under $1500 USD reference the Acoustic Zen Satori MkII speaker cable, I think none is better.

I needed to burn-in the amp about 120 hours. From the beginning, liquidity, air and realism is very apparent, but after 120 hours it sounds less 'mechanical' than the first 10-40 hours, even sweeter and even more rich-lush and stress-free.

I believe that Ei KT90 and Jadis create a sound unforgetable, full of pleasure and stunning musicallity that is rare for the asking price. Also, I never heared another integrated tube amp with so right sence of air, completeness, dynamism and precence. From Beatles to Beethoven everything sounds magical. Unlike other amps of the price range, the boldness (together with pin-sharp imaging and sweetest but analytical enought hi-freqs.) and detail is something that is rare to find together. This design prooves that this is possible. Dont forget the finish and looks of Jadis - also something very special for the money. I forgot to mention that the amp sounds warmer than many other amps of the category. Also something rare: I found transient speed very good and faster than all other designs I auditioned. Also bass is excellent and very well defined -with air and attack- for such design , KT90 I think made this job. Not at all emphasized neither left you wanting more. Listen to John Patitucci Line by Line newest CD release. Stunning bass from tubes in the category. Also dynamic contrasts are coming like a hammer from the about 45 watts of this amp. Dynamics is something that you must hear to believe.

If I have to say something negative about Jadis O.Ref is that it has no easy-bias adjustment (please add auto-bias in the future). Forget tube rolling with Orchestra. Do it just once per 2-years of listening. Also I will say that is so addictive that you cannot hear another amp at any price and be happier in total than Jadis.:) At last, I will go to audition to Class A models like DA30 etc. to believe that better sound can purchased! For Jazz, Classical (especially stringed instrument presentation that is mythical reproduced via Jadis O.Ref.), Piano recordings combined with med.eff. speakers ala 86db-90db 6-8ohm speakers this is the amp for you. A power gentleman. Drop Gilmour's On an Island or even a heavier band and you will rock the house also. Very alive, dynamic and punchy also !