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Product Information

This DSP-A3090 amplifier from technology giant Yamaha offers users a seven channel pre-amp with Dolby multichannel audio coding. This amplifier is perfect for a home theater system because it achieves a balance between a public movie theater and a home media room. When playing AC-3 encoded discs, Yamaha utilizes three sound fields, presence, surround, and L/R, to acoustically enlarge the sound field to the acoustic size of a movie theater. This simple-to-set-up and easy-to-operate system makes all the difference when listening to simple audio and viewing a movie or television show. It takes any home viewing or listening experience up to the next level. This Yamaha DSP-A3090 7 Channel product incorporates a sophisticated, multi-program advanced tone field processor. With this product, you can electronically expand, or even change, the shape of the tone field. This creates a theater-like experience that you can enjoy right in your own living room. You can choose a suitable sound field that's set to your preferences by just adding adjustments. It has a 96 dB Signal-To-Noise Ratio and Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.005% for crystal clear output. It has 7.1 channels with a powerful 120 power outputs per channel. It also has convenient outputs for Coaxial, Phono, and TOSLINK. This Yamaha Amplifier has a total of 12 field processor modes. It also includes DSP Presets such as Church, Adventure, Pop/Rock, Recital Hall, and Spectacle. There's also Classical/Opera, Variety/Sports, Concert Hall, Enhanced, General, Jazz Club, Mono Movie, Music, Pavilion to include something for every mood and occasion. This unit has A/B and A Plus B speaker switches, on-screen fluorescent display, and a pink noise generator. It also comes with a handy format detection and auto-switching function. It has Bass Control as well as Treble Control and a parametric equalizer for amazing tone deliverance. In addition, there's an equalizer Boost/Cut Range of Plus 6 dB. The three handy AC outlets are installed for your convenience. You'll even find built-in decoders for Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic. The Dolby Pro Logic Surround feature divides the input signal into four levels. The center channel provides good stereo imaging, which makes the tone quality great in any area of your room. The CINEMA DSP tone effects enhance audio quality. The BASS EXTENSION effects allow tone enhancement. It has a Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.005 percent for crystal-clear sounds. In multi-channel form, the Dolby System provides five full-range channels, three front ones plus two surround settings. A sixth bass-only effect feature delivers a Low-Frequency Effect. This helps to deliver the realism that the movie intends for the viewer to experience. This DSP-A3090 has a headphone jack and a Coaxial Digital Input. It also has an Optical Digital Input and Optical Output. It measures 17.1 inches wide by 18.7 inches deep by 6.7 inches high and it weighs about 46.3 pounds. These amplifiers support accessories like your AV receiver, DVD player, TV, radio, and cassette player. Its sleek, black design looks great with any room or décor.