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Finale M70:

Weight is about 40lbs.
ZDR = ZERO Distortion Rule Amplifier
Power output is 200 'real RMS' watts per channel into 8 ohms or 250 wrms perchannel at 4 ohms both channels driven with SUPER LOW 0.002% THD.
200V/usec slew rate for SUPER FAST RESPONSE amplifier !
LED bar graph display shows output power for each channel.
Speaker connections for 2 pairs of speakers (A or B).
Offers DC coupled circuitry this amp will deliver high power and quality sound.
Input level controls on front.
Built-in voltage selector.


Finale M60:


Power output: 160 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%
Damping factor: 130
Input sensitivity: 1.24V
Signal to noise ratio: 127dB
Dimensions: 435 x 165 x 425mm
Weight: 15kg
Year: 1984



Qualche info trovata in rete  Pre C70:


Looking for a nice flexible pre? I have a lovely Yamaha C-70. It has 2 phono inputs 2 outputs with a full array of loading for lp playback parametric eq subsonic and tone bypass and direct mode for the purest signal. Less used controls are covered by a cool drop down door.

Qualche info trovata in rete  Finale M70:


YAMAHA Natural Sound M-70 Flagship Stereo Power Amplifier.

Very fine condition black face very powerful amplifier. This amp was Yamaha's top of the line model. Amplifier has been taken care of and never missed a beat.

It includes dual range power level meters which work well. The glass cover on the led is in perfect shape. All channels were tested and are working 100%. . This also supports two sets of speakers with individual volume controls for each pair.

Another great feature is that this amplifier will run in Class-A mode unless the continuous power requirement exceeds 25 Watts per channel (10 W in the M-40) then it will autoswitch to class AB.

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