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Marantz SR 8300

Sintoampli Audio Video



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Sintoampli audio video

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6 x 130 watt


2930 euro anno 2006







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  • DTS 96/24 allows for 5.1 channel sound track encoding at a rate of 96kHz/24 bits on DVD-Video titles. It results in a more transparent sound quality equivalent to the original soundtrack and full backwards compatibility.

  • Circle Surround II is a powerfull and versatile multi-channel technology designed to enable up to 6.1 multi-channel surround-sound playback from mono, stereo, CS encoded sources and other matrix encoded sources. CS-II places the listener "inside" the music performances and dramatically improves the separation and image positioning of both hi-fi audio conventional surround-encoded video material, adding a heightened sence of realism.

  • Precision Decode Plot is the new algorithm for the Crystal’s DSP in the SR9200. It archives higher resolution as if performed by the 32-bit floating point DSP. You can enjoy smoother and more realistic surround reproduction for both Dolby Digital and DTS material.

Improved RS232C upgreadability, along with powerful upgrades like DTS 96/24, Circle Surround II and Precision Decode Plot characterize the incredibly versatile and flexibile Marantz SR8300. Accompanied by the RC3200 learnable remote control the SR8300 takes you on a journey of passion and enjoyment in both music and movie productions. You’ll experience a wider frequency response and more favorable aural characteristics along with outstanding user friendly navigation and control.


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Un prodotto davvero interessante  con buone performance anche a due canali.


Marantz SR 6200 :



6.1 home theatre mode, DTS surround, 96 kHz/24 bit decoding, 110 watts/ch.