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Technics SH9010

Equalizzatore parametrico




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  Equalizzatore paramentrico

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  470.000 lire anno 1979






Equalizzatore parametrico della serie top di Technics , prodotto molto raro in quanto piuttosto costoso quando e uscito , ottime prestazioni e con prezzi ad oggi molto alti  .



Technics SH-9010, Stereo Equalizer of the professional series!

Manufacturer: MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC, Japan
Output voltage: Rated: 1 V, max. 5 V
THD: 0,02% (rated output voltage)
Input sensitivity & impedance: 1 V/47 kohms
Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz, + 0, - 0,2 dB, 10 Hz ~ 70 kHz, + 0, - 3 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: 83 dB (DIN)
Band level control: - 12 dB ~ 0 dB ~ + 12 dB (continuously variable)
Centre frequency control: - 1,6 oct. ~ 0 ~ + 1,6 oct. (continuously variable)
Bandwidth control: Q = 0,7 ~ 7 (continuously variable)
Centre frequency: 60 Hz, 240 Hz, 1 kHz, 4 kHz, 16 kHz (5 points x 2)
Power consumption: 8 W
Power supply (AC): 110 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 450 x 92 x 364 mm
Weight: 6 kg



Dal web.

Same engineering than the bigga monaural SH-9090P but in a slim-line format, fitting the famed (but not too successful) Professional Series which consisted of many amps, preamps, equalizers and metering units all multiplied in various versions.

Besides the format, also changed was the center frequency control, here pushed to plus or minus 1,6 octave for severly stacked corrections on the same frequency spot.
The pushing is naturally due to the fact that the SH-9010 is stereo 5 bands and not a monaural 12-band parametric like the SH-9090P.

The f0 center frequencies can therefore be shifted as follows :
60Hz : 20Hz...180Hz
240Hz : 80Hz...720Hz
1Khz : 333Hz...3Khz
4Khz : 1,3Khz...12Khz
16Khz : 5,3Khz...48Khz.

... that's not frequency shifting anymore but a wild swing mixed with a tango top and two trip hop salsas !

The filtering circuits are otherwise the same : one adder-subtractor plus two integrators per filter, high impedance buffer amp and low output impedance output amp.
No balanced i/os, though, no master level control and somewhat more fiddly concentric frequency/Q controls.

Following Technics' usual and slightly confusing name/nickname scheme, the 9010 was nicknamed 10E (SH-9010E in full) but simply SH-9010 outside Japan where no nickname was marketed other than Professional.

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