Tacam MD 801R MKII

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Connectors: Data: D-sub 9 pin rs232c, mini DIN 6-pin PS/2 (or equiv) for remote kbd, D-sub 37 pin TTL level digital inputs (801R only): AES/EBU XLR, SPDIF RCA. digital outputs: AES/EBU XLR (801R only), SPDIF RCA (both). analog inputs (801R only): XLRx2, RCAx2. analog outputs: XLRx2, RCAx2, headphone (1/4") Note no optical I/O!


  • Fast Access: 200ms full stroke seek (5X any other MD player), avg. 100ms track start, using new high speed sled gear system (vs. lead screw).

  • In case of external mechanical shock during recording, laser power is quickly cut to protect already recorded material.

  • Pitch control: +/- 9.9% in .1% steps

  • Mono/Stereo recording.

  • Autolocate feature finds specific points on tape (sic) quickly and accurately.

  • Optional buffer memory which stores the first frames of up to 20 tracks to provide instant start.

  • manual frame by frame (1/86th sec) searching and editing (during manual positioning a "jog length" of audio is played repeatedly, the jog length can be set from 12 to 32 frames (139-371ms) in 1 frame (11.6ms)units)

  • call button returns to start of recording, or other memorized location

  • can memorize two points and delete between them, or insert something between them.

  • 1 to 100X highspeed playback with shuttle dial

  • restore function allows you to "undo" an erase or record operation (erasures less than 12 seconds are sometimes not restorable). restore function can also be used to recover a disc where the power failed in mid recording, in this case it becomes possible to play back the disc up to the failure point.

  • SCMS bits can be set/cleared during recording.

  • auto cue skips to start of actual sound (based upon settable level) and goes into pause mode.

  • auto ready goes into pause mode at beginning of next track.

  • play modes: repeat, single, single+repeat, a-b, a-b+repeat, program, program+repeat.

  • multiple MD-801 units can be linked together via the parallel connector to provide extended playback or recording. Final machine can be linked back to first to provide continuous recording or playback.

  • using the serial remote a personal computer can control the main machine (jog and well as some editing functions) and display and enter titles. remote disc eject also possible.

  • Disc editing functions also available on MD-801P.

  • Discs can be ejected without writing the TOC, restoring them to their "pre edited" state. Play only discs can also be "edited" while in the machine, but edits cannot be saved.

  • Accumulated/remaining time display selectable for track or entire disc.

  • Displays date & time stamp info from disc, but does not record it on disc.

  • S/N 95dB playback, 85dB record.

  • MD-801RmkII: S/N > 102dB playback, > 96dB record.













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