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  210/00 euro Silentstage 2 - 120/00 euro Silentstage 2 anno 2011

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Basi per giradischi e non solo in plexiglass dimensioni 480 mm x 300 mm entrambe co bolla per trovare il piano.

Il modello Silentstage 2 ha due ripiani uno sopra l'altro con coni regolabili e materiale assorbente tra le  due , mentre il modello Silentstage 4 ha un solo ripiano con piedini in Sorbotane

Prodotto molto interessante e dal rapporto prezzo prestazioni molto buono , il risultato sonoro e notevole e le vibrazioni vengono davvero molto molto limitate , oltre a dare una maggiore importanza a qualsiasi cosa ci mettiamo sopra.


I Sorbotane


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The SS2 is suitable for all standard sized CD / DVD Players, Amplifiers etc. The design criteria of the platform was as follows: 1. It must effectively isolate all frequencies of transmitted energy, 2. It must be 'user-tuneable' to take into account room acoustics and the equipment being isolated, 3. It must be adjustable for level without compromising rigidity, and last but not least 4. It must look a million dollars... (Well, you don't want your treasured component sitting on a shed, do you). The platforms are fabricated from extruded clear Acrylic as this material is very dead acoustically - it doesn't have that tendency to 'ring' like glass. The Acrylic is beautifully finished, with hand polished edges. The Silent Stage 2 consists of two separate platforms. The base platform houses four black-chromium finished spikes which are height adjustable and come complete with base disc holders, should you not wish to mark the surface they stand on. Spikes are great for isolation but they are not the complete answer - certain frequencies still get through. We solve this in two ways. The spikes have damping rings fitted, made from the same superb material used in our Motor Vibration Absorbers. These tight fitting rings have a dual role. Firstly they reduce the amount of energy transmitted to the base platform, and secondly they stabilise any spike which has been adjusted from the 'fully screwed up' position - ensuring all spikes are solid and don't move. The floating platform has a recessed 20mm circular spirit level and rests on four tuning pads. These 60mm diameter polymer discs effectively isolate energy that has got through the spikes and dampers on the base platform. Now comes the really ingenious bit... Each Silent Stage is supplied with three sets of four tuning pads in different types / elasticity of specifically chosen synthetic polymers, allowing you to tune the platform by ear, depending on the room acoustics and the equipment being isolated. All these design elements contribute to making the Silent Stage the best isolation platform on the market today - It sounds superb, looks tremendous and the fact that it is user-tuneable is unique. The SS2 will comfortably support 30Kg and is 480 x 300 x 45-55mm. SILENT STAGE GOLD Silent Stage 1 & 2 are available with Gold Plated Spikes as a no-cost option. These must be requested when ordering. They cannot be changed later, as they are permanently bonded to the platform.

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