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Monster Cable HTS 5100

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Il non plus ultra della famiglia Monster per quel che riguarda condizionamento e filtraggio , un prodotto davvero interessante , voltmetro anteriore , 10 prese posteriori e la possibilità di far fare l'accensione posticipata degli apparecchi , selezionando gli appositi switch posteriori.  Un prodotto performante e una sicurezza per il vostro impianto.


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How Do You Improve Perfection?

Hot on the heels of the most successful power products launch in the history of home theater, Noel Lee, Head Monster, announces the ultimate refinement in power conditioning.

A Bold New Look for Performance Power!

The new True Blue LED readouts offer a bold new look to Signature Power. Monster also uses a new heavy-duty, double shielded PowerLine 400 power cable and ultra-sophisticated power protection that automatically resets for trouble-free use.

Signed Personally by the Head Monster, the Signature Series is Noel Lee's own personal statement on the superior look and performance of the Monster Power.

Inferior Power Conditioning Can Degrade Home Theater Audio and Video Performance

Many so-called "power conditioners" only protect against random power surges and/or voltage spikes. But AC power line noise and noise generated by other components is an equally harmful and constant threat to performance. These disturbances can cause inferior picture quality marred with video streaking, lower resolution and video bandwidth. Many power conditioners’ outlets often can’t handle the peak transient current capacity that high power amplifiers demand. As a result, dynamic distortion and loss of peak power can occur, preventing your amplifiers from ever maximizing their performance.

Introducing Monster’s Latest Generation of High Performance Reference PowerCenters™
Building upon his revolutionary Clean Power ™ Circuitry breakthrough, world-renowned AC power authority Richard Marsh introduces Clean Power ™ v.2.0, which delivers improved filtering and isolation of polluted AC power to Monster’s HTS 5100, for even better picture and sound. So you’ll see the most vivid video possible and hear more natural sound with increased dynamic range and less noise.

Monster PowerCenters also offer the most comprehensive home theater system protection available, featuring higher joule ratings for faster acting, full capacity surge protection. Monster’s Multiple SurgeGuard ™ and Tri-Mode ™ Circuitry instantly detects any voltage surge or spike and immediately suppresses it before it can reach your components. And, for your total peace of mind, the latest generation of Monster Home Theatre Reference PowerCenters come with higher CEGs.

Unlike other surge protectors, the PowerCenters’ ultra low-loss RF circuitry provides maximum pro-tection with virtually no signal loss, which is especially important with the advent of HDTV. In addition, all PowerCenters display current draw and voltage.

Monster recognizes that convenience is vital, too. The PowerCenters feature component-assigned color coding with matching power cord labels for easy identification, and all are rack-mountable for easy integration into custom installed rackmount systems.

Get All The Performance You Paid For
With Monster Power’s Home Theater Reference PowerCenters, you’ll get the best possible audio and video performance from your home theater system.

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