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McIntosh MR55

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 1100 Dm  anno 1949






Front Panel: Anodized gold and black aluminum panel. Illuminated dial. FM light. AM light. Tuning indicator: - to +. Signal strength indicator: 0 to 5. MC light. KC light. Tuning control. AFC control: min to max. AM sensitivity switch: greatest, intermediate or minimum. Volume control with on-off switch. Selector switch: FM listen, FM tune, AM broad, AM medium, AM sharp or phono.

Back Panel: Screw terminals to tv set, FM 300 ohm antenna and AM antenna: hi, lo and ground. Power cord. Fuse. Switched AC outlet. Panel lamps switch: high or low. AM antenna switch: loop or ant. Phono input. 2 audio outputs. Multiplex output.

Tubes: (2)6BZ7, 6AB4, (2)6BJ6, (3)6AU6, (4)6AL5, 6BN6, 6BV8, 6BA6, 6BE6, (2)12AU7.

FM Section: Sensitivity 3uV. Response 20Hz-20kHz �3dB Distortion less than 3%. Capture ratio 1 to 0.8. Four IF stages. Two limiters.

AM Section: Sensitivity 1.5uV. Selectivity bandwidth 20Hz-10kHz, 20Hz-6.5kHz and 20Hz-2kHz. Whistle filter 70dB reject at 10kHz.

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