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Koss Pro 4AAT

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The Koss Pro4AAT is a new twist on an legendary headphone. Getting it’s inspiration from the Koss Pro4AA, the Pro4AAT features dynamic elements for an exceptionally wide frequency response. This fresh take on the long-time industry standard features a 2 mm titanium coating on its diaphragms for increased rigidity, minimized mechanical distortion, and exceedingly accurate sound reproduction.

The modern look of the Pro4AAT will mean that you will not only hear amazing sound, but look good while listening. These lightweight Koss Pro4AAT headphones were designed for frequent use over extended periods and are perfect for professionals and audiophiles seeking to capture every note for a cleaner, clearer sound. The Pro4AAT standard 3.5mm plug comes equipped with a larger, 6.3mm adapter, so that you may easily switch back and forth between your listening devices.

If you are a sound professional, or simply just love music, the Pro4AAT will deliver excellent sound reproduction so that you feel the sound intensity of a live performance. Built to last, the Pro4AAT is covered under the Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Full-size professional quality noise reduction studio headphones

  • Closed Pneumalite™ cushions maximize bass frequencies and isolate ambient noise

  • Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission and conduction

  • Adjustable slide bars ensure snug fit for great sound and noise reduction

  • Standard-setting design incorporates performance-enhancing technology and updated style

  • Superior isolation, accurate sound reproduction, and the excitement of a live performance to every recording

  • Both 3.5 mm (1/8") plug and 6.3mm (1/4") adapter feature gold-flashing

  • Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty

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