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Furutech Absolute Power 18

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  Furutech  Japan


  380/00  anno 2011  Audiocostruzioni di Sbisa' e punto vendita chiedere   tel. 059-685054



Cavo di alimentazione di altissima qualità e finitura , terminazioni ottime e risultato sonoro ed estetico altrettanto !!


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Luxuriously engineered and manufactured for absolute performance, Furutech's Absolute Power Cord features:
• 56 inner strands of α (Alpha)-OCC μ-Conductors and 29 outer strands of α (Alpha)-OCC Conductors x 3 PVC cores
• Dielectric/Insulation #1: High-quality polyethylene PE reducing capacitance
• Insulation #2 surrounding PE dielectric: Teflon
• High-performance beautifully-engineered rhodium-plated IEC [FI-15E®] and connector [FI-15ME®]
o Male: Rhodium-plated nonmagnetic α (Alpha) pure copper
o Female: Rhodium-plated nonmagnetic α (Alpha) pure copper
• Earth/Ground Jumper System (US Patent No.: 6,669,491)
• Furutech’s unique wire-clamping mechanism guarantees ultra firm connections
• Twin Flexible PVC sheaths improve vibration isolation
o Inner sheath incorporates carbon particles for improved damping
• PVC and Teflon insulated shield with stranded-wire braid for superior noise isolation
• All metal parts treated with the deep cryogenic and demagnetizing Alpha Process

Construction and Materials

• 56 inner and 29 outer strands • 0.175mm diameter α Alpha-OCC x 3 cores • 1.9mm dia.
• Dielectric/Insulation: Polyethylene (Red/Natural/Yellow) 3.5mm diameter
• Sheath (Inner): Ultra-flexible PVC (Black) 9.5mm diameter
• Shield: 9 x 24 0.12mm braided copper wire
• Sheath (Outer): Ultra-flexible PVC (Dark Blue) 14.2mm diameter
• Jacket: Braided nylon approx. 15.5mm

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