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Digital Interface Processor  ( DIP)



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Jitter reduction/signal conditioning




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Its main functions:

  • Jitter reduction/signal conditioning

  • Signal Boosting(to 6 times higher)

  • Ground Isolation(to avoid noise/hum)

  • Format change(from Opto to RCA, from RCA to Balanced, etc)

  • Data Alignment (new data stream output)

The most dramatic feature is the Classic’s built-in precision clock.  The original clock retrieved from the transport is abandoned.   A new reference clock is introduced to hold the sampling frequency

at a precision 44.1KHz(standard CD format, hence the name "Classic")   This precision clock, at a strong signal strength, allows any conventional   D/A converter to operate with far better precision and efficiency, resulting   in higher definition, better instrument localization, wider and deeper sound

field , and above all, more involving music enjoyment.   The DIP Classic accepts all 2-channel stereo signals, with sampling frequency   from 32 Khz to 96Khz. The output will work with ALL D/A converters.   Price $249.-

It is guaranteed to outperform all previous generations of DIP,   except the DIP Upsampler which has different functions.   Special incentives are offered to owners of any previous generations of DIP.   Please contact the factory or distributor Microwise for details.   DIP Classic Application Note

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